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Finding the Right Smart Security Partner: Monitoreal

Meet the provider of on-premise, AI smart security surveillance solutions.

In October 2021, we ran a story called “Finding the Right Smart Security Partner” that was designed to help dealers interested in adding smart security to their offerings find the right partner. A new player, Monitoreal, recently came onto the CI scene. Here are the company’s responses to the same questions we asked the other vendors. [The original story will also be updated to include Monitoreal’s responses for dealers looking to compare smart security companies.]

Monitoreal Smart Security Provider

What is included in the product ecosystem?
Monitoreal is a global provider of on-premise, AI smart security surveillance solutions designed specifically for the residential and SMB commercial markets. All video is processed on-site, within the appliance, with only snapshot alerts sent beyond the firewall to the users’ mobile device or computer.

Monitoreal’s ecosystem allows users to monitor their surroundings in real-time with smart object detection. The Monitoreal Security Assistant integrates with new or existing video surveillance cameras, replacing simple motion detection with AI-based proactive perimeter protection, which reduces annoying false alerts. The Base model supports six cameras at once, while the Pro version supports eight cameras and offers “Deep Sight” Mode for busier scenes.

Customizable alerts inform residential and small business users when people, cars, and more move in the areas that matter most, negating the false alerts that come from motion detection. Intruder prevention is achieved by triggering smart audio and light accessories, thanks to the Monitoreal I/O Relay. Relay channels can be configured independently.

Alerts provide situational awareness and inform residential and small business users when people, cars, and more are recognized. Turning on features is simple with the easy-to-use interface, and customized actions can be preset to respond whether users are home or not. Connect one of the three Monitoreal I/O Relay inputs to the alarm panel to synchronize Monitoreal’s AI Smart system to create a video perimeter around the house or business. Use a second input to receive an alarm and trigger cameras to send snapshots to the users for video verification of the alarm. For convenience, users can choose to open electric driveway or parking gates when prompted that a vehicle is detected or set this manually as desired.

Similarly, the Monitoreal Smart Plug can be linked to an alert and power on common electrical products automatically, semi-automatically, or manually when the user is prompted by a detection. Monitoreal Cameras come pre-configured for faster setup and proven performance within the Monitoreal smart ecosystem.

Coming soon: Monitoreal’s Video recording feature (which requires an additional purchase of a Monitoreal SSD drive) will capture clips of each event including the moments before and the moments after.

What home control systems do you work with?
Utilizing webhooks, Monitoreal can be connected with most IoT platforms such as Samsung’s SmartThings, Google Home, and Alexa. Other integrations are coming.

What other products does the system work with?
A key value of the Monitoreal Video Security Assistant and platform is that it was engineered to work with existing video installations as well as with new installations. Monitoreal is proud to work with virtually all IP camera brands, alarm brands, lights, Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, perimeter gates, sirens, and strobes.

What monitoring options are available?
Coming soon: Monitoreal will announce several integrations with prominent monitoring platforms.

What is the relationship between cloud provider and central station? Will the system support simultaneous cell signal forwarding to the central station and RS232 communications to a control system?
Monitoreal processes all video locally within the appliance, thereby using far less internet bandwidth than cloud analytic systems and providing faster alert response times that improve opportunities for real-time intervention. Alerts are sent to central stations and there is a USB connector for a secondary LTE connection.

What dealer programs do you offer?
Monitoreal’s Partner Program offers members access to exclusive benefits designed to support sales and increase margins. These include thorough training modules, sales and marketing planning, an NFR program, priority technical support, and exclusive discounts.

What else should a dealer know about your smart security system?
Our solution allows dealers to monetize existing installs, as well as upsell new customers. Since our AI video processing is done locally with an on-premise appliance and not through the cloud, dealers don’t incur any hidden monthly fees or annual contracts, giving them full control over pricing policy to their customers and potentially maximum recurring profit from customer support subscriptions. Monitoreal cameras minimize the setup time and maximize the performance, providing yet another way for custom installers to maximize their bottom lines.

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