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Sony Electronics Brings 4K HDR to VPL-VW365ES Home Theater Projector

Sony Electronics is bringing HDR capability to its 4K VPL-VW365ES home theater projector in May.

Sony’s VPL-VW365ES Home Cinema Projector

Sony Electronics is bringing HDR capability to its 4K VPL-VW365ES home theater projector in May. Current owners will be able to add the feature with a firmware update. With this upgrade the VPL-VW365ES will be the third Sony home cinema projector, after the VPL-VW5000ES and VPL-VW665ES, to support the 4K HDR format.

“Sony understands 4K HDR like no other company,” said Sunil Nayyar, director of product marketing, TV and Projectors, Sony North America. “Sony’s 4K HDR Ultra HD TVs deliver HDR compatibility and stunning performance, and our 4K HDR projectors offer a true home theater experience for enthusiasts looking for the best possible image quality, particularly on screens larger than 80 inches. Sony’s 4K SXRD imaging technology and HDR support continues to be the state-of-the-art in home theater projection.”

The VPL-VW365ES uses SXRDTM panels for a native 4K picture, with no artificial manipulation of pixels so that over 26 million pixels are displayed with each refresh cycle. Rich and accurate color reproduction is ensured by Sony’s proprietary Triluminos engine design, while Motionflow picture technology serves to deliver clearer, less blurry images when watching fast-paced, cinematic or sports action. 

The VPL-VW365ES allows users to enjoy 4K and HDR content services using the latest HDMI standard and HDCP 2.2. A built-in RF 3D transmitter provides interface to industry-standard 3D glasses with a strong wireless signal for wider coverage and uninterrupted 3D synchronization stability. Professional calibration features allow operators to expertly adjust the picture to suit the viewers’ tastes. 

Installers can use Projector Calibration Pro software on HD through 4K Sony home theater models, allowing them to manipulate all of a projector’s features from a simple PC interface, including sophisticated color calibration tools. Setup configurations can be saved to a file to upload to any future installations, making future calibrations that much quicker. Additional adjustments made for a particular client can be saved in a separate file that will allow the installer to easily recall their original calibrations if it becomes necessary to tweak that client’s system in the future.

The VPL-VW365ES home theater projector was introduced at CEDIA 2015. A firmware update will be available by the end of May at no cost for existing owners from Sony’s e-Support website.