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Stealth Brings Sub-Bass to Image III On-Wall Art Speakers

Stealth Acoustics will tout its new Image III Sub at CEDIA 2017, part of the company’s Image III art speaker series.

Stealth Acoustics will tout its new Image III Sub at CEDIA 2017, part of the company’s Image III art speaker series. This on-wall subwoofer, with unprecedented finishing customization, allows installers to meet client aesthetic expectations for a design-specific visual outcome while providing subwoofer bass audio response in a home media room or corporate installation.

“Homeowners care about how their living space looks and also how the TV sounds,” said Steve Olszewski, vice president at Stealth Acoustics. “Now, with our complete Image III on-wall speaker line-up, there is no need to compromise on performance. Few low-profile on-wall solutions sound as good or play as loud as the Image III speaker and new Image III Sub combination, especially when powered by our high-current amplifiers. If you combine the Image speaker, Image Sub, and our CoverArt motorized screen hiding solution, you can create a beautifully unique, great sounding tri-part art panorama we call Trilogy. Or, simply spread Image speakers and Image Subs around a room to fill it with beautiful art that rocks!”

The new Image Sub uses Stealth’s durable and solid “Fidelity Glass” flat front radiator surface, which has no grill openings. This allows for total artistic free reign on the solution, using paint, graphics, wallpaper, or virtually any desired finish to match the room’s interior.

The Image Sub is based on Stealth’s high-power dual 8-inch B30 invisible subwoofer architecture. Form-factored to exactly match Image speakers, the Image Sub extends bass response down to 35Hz turning an Image speaker solution into a high-performance and artistic on-wall, multi-channel surround sound system that outperforms unsightly soundbars. It offers broad 180-degree dispersion and high SPL output, as standard.

Stealth’s Image speakers can now be configured in stereo, 2.1 (stereo plus sub), 5.1, 7.2, or even ATMOS. Like full range Image speakers, Image Subs fit well with Stealth’s SA255 monaural subwoofer amplifier or Stealth’s SA2400 dual channel amp, which includes built-in DSP for even more power and system tuning tools.

Perfect for flanking flat-panel displays, or as a distributed artistic speaker solution, Image speakers, and Image Subs combine to produce exceptional on-wall performance and artistic creativity. They enhance the outcome of architecturally sensitive sound systems from living rooms and bedrooms to boardrooms and beyond.