Toshiba Launches New Surveillance Cams

960H Surveillance Cameras Capture Detail-rich Video with 34 Percent More Resolution than Comparable D1 Cameras
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Toshiba Surveillance and IP Video Products is offering a new line of 960H analog dome cameras that provide a 34 percent increase in resolution over comparatively priced D1 analog cameras and more than 500 percent larger than CIF cameras. D1 (720x480 pixels) is the maximum resolution a conventional analog camera can achieve after the video signal has been digitized in a DVR or a video encoder.

Toshiba IKS-D207 (indoor) and IKS-R307 (outdoor) cameras incorporate a 960x640 CCD sensor to provide insurance against risks such as property damage, vandalism, theft, and burglary by delivering 700 TV lines (TVL)—the highest available to date, according to the company—for sharp video, along with 24 IR LEDs to accommodate nighttime conditions down to 0.05 lx for 24/7/365 surveillance. Recording larger images not only supplies more image details, it additionally produces a widescreen picture that does not require stretching to fit HDTVs or monitors. 

Incorporating similar dome designs and feature sets, both cameras offer 4x zoom, 78-degree tilt, and full 360-degree rotation to accurately track objects of interest. The more rugged of the pair, the outdoor IKS-R307, is IK10 vandal resistant and features a built-in heater that keeps the camera operating down to -49 degrees F. 

The IKS-D207 and IKS-R307 are ideal companions to the Toshiba EAV16-480 embedded analog 960H DVR. Plus, because they are backwards compatible with standard resolution cameras and DVRs, upgrading an existing system is fast and affordable.