Tripp Lite Debuts Wireless HDMI Extenders

Transmit Signals Up to 656 Feet Without Sacrificing Quality
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Tripp Lite has introduced two wireless HDMI extender kits that extend AV signals up to 164 feet or 656 feet with minimal sacrifice to top-performance of picture and sound.

The only cables needed are from the HDMI source to the transmitter and from the receiver to the HDMI display (along with included IR cables for remote control and the AC power adapters). The kits allow users to extend signals in an environment where drilling through walls for cabling is impossible, impractical, or undesirable. Model B126-1A1-WHD1 extends signals up to 164 feet from the source, while model B126-1A1-WHD2 extends signals up to 656 feet.

These wireless extender kits eliminate the hassles of running cabling and the costs of cabling infrastructure and labor. Cable clutter is reduced, with the result being a more streamlined, cleaner-looking installation, making these wireless kits well suited for use in public spaces, for home theater applications, and for temporary installations, such as trade show displays.

“Because the extender kit is wireless, the user gains greater flexibility in where the source and display are located, with the freedom to move and reconfigure them as needed,” said David Posner, Tripp Lite vice president of marketing for cables and connectivity. “This allows for an improved line-of-sight for digital signage and a cleaner, more finished look for the installation overall.”