Video Storm Releases Android NetPlay App

Fully Integrated Mobile App Can Control, Preview Netplay Video Sources
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The NetPlay Mobile app from Video Storm

Video Storm has just released the fully integrated mobile app to control and preview Netplay Video sources at commercial and residential installs. NetPlay is Video Storm’s scalable HDMI over network video distribution system over an unmanaged network switch. 

The NetPlay Mobile app enables users to control sources and TVs while viewing the content on an Android tablet or smartphone. Features include preview, tiling, and digital signage such as transparent graphics overlay, RSS feeds, text, etc. 

This product offers an alternative to expensive control solutions that require intensive programming and setup effort. It provides flexibility and ease of operation, making it intuitive for customers to learn.

NetPlay Mobile Streaming technology features video and audio playback synched and latency matched to displays in a NetPlay system. This is full-screen mobile streaming through the app to Android devices that users can take anywhere on a NetPlay Wi-Fi network.

NetPlay Mobile is available for download from Google Play or the Amazon app store. Here is the demo video. For integration, users can upgrade an existing NetPlay Video system to the new control interface app, or enable this app for the next NetPlay Video install.