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Alfalite and Artist César Yagüe Present an LED Display Solution for the Luxury Sector

AlfaArt is a complete turnkey solution consisting of large-format LED displays that transform entire walls into living canvases.

Alfalite, a European manufacturer of LED screens, has teamed up with digital artist César Yagüe to create AlfaArt, a complete turnkey solution consisting of large-format LED displays that transform entire walls into living canvases, with state-of-the-art media players and moving ambient artwork, curated and delivered ready for enjoyment anywhere in the world.

Alfalite AlfaArt Video Wall - 1

AlfaArt, which aims to redefine the concept of luxury through digital art, is designed for large corporations, hotels, high-end leisure and entertainment venues, galleries, luxury homes, and recreational boats.

The new solution, which will be showcased on the Alfalite stand at ISE 2024, emerges from a collaboration between the innovative spirit of Alfalite and the creative genius of Spaniard César Yagüe, turning every screen into a digital work of art and invoking a deeper connection with the environment.

Alfalite AlfaArt Video Wall - 2

AlfaArt’s value proposition lies in transforming conventional spaces into contemplative and serene experiences that elevate them, projecting enriching visuals with impeccable resolution and a design that adapts to any space.

AlfaArt offers different size and format options. From intimate personal corners to expansive corporate walls, the solution adjusts to the dimensions and shapes of each location. It also allows for custom resolutions, ensuring that every pixel conveys the artist’s vision and the essence of the work. In addition, the dedicated state-of-the-art media player guarantees flawless playback 24/7.

With exclusive access to a diverse digital art gallery, customers can select pieces that resonate with their aesthetic vision and the mood they wish to create. In addition, each AlfaArt artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its provenance and exclusivity.

Alfalite AlfaArt Video Wall - 3

The specialist installation team offers a comprehensive “White Glove” service that ensures that every AlfaArt is installed with the utmost care and professionalism. This service extends from initial planning to final execution anywhere in the world.

The relationship with customers does not end with the installation, as after-sales customer service and technical support are provided to ensure that the AlfaArt experience continues to be exceptional over time.

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