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Apex Technologies Brings Remotely Manageable Video Distribution Solution to the States

Distributed by Apex Technologies, integrators can remotely monitor and manage video distribution systems using HDAnywhere.

Apex Technologies — distributor of high-performance European AV brands — has announced today that it has been named as the exclusive U.S. distributor of HDAnywhere (HDA). HDA is a unique platform that allows home technology integrators to reduce the amount of traveling they need to do by giving them the capability to remotely monitor and manage the HDAnywhere video distribution platform and matrixes — all based in the cloud.

Apex Technologies - HDANYWHERE - Cable

Dealers register units to their own HDA cloud portal and, no matter where they are, they can use the account details on a particular unit to see info on that unit, monitor the unit, and even do pre-emptive checks on firmware updates.

It’s the management of units that sets HDA apart, however, and helps prevent integrators from having to get in trucks and go to the site. Via cloud-to-unit communication, integrators can remotely change EDID, scaling, and reboot units if needed. If there are still issues after these remote steps have taken place, the integrator can raise a ticket on that unit, which will send the error log stored on the video matrix straight into HDA’s support system, where the company’s technicians will have visibility into the unit to remotely support the dealer before anyone has to visit the install site.

Apex Technologies - HDANYWHERE - Hub

Another unique aspect of HDA is it has its own control platform. Via any unit, every associated display and source can be controlled with HDA’s free uControl app. This app typically would be used for setup if someone is using the HDA system with a third-party control system, like Control4, RTI, and Crestron Home. Video switching is simple, so integrators can make sure all TVs are receiving all sources even before any outside control system is set up. Additionally, each IR endpoint is able to be “hijacked” so the integrator can control TVs and source devices using popular control systems.

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