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Kaleidescape Introduces 96 TB Movie Server 

The new Terra Prime is Kaleidescape’s largest capacity server.

Kaleidescape has announced its largest capacity server — the new Terra Prime 96 terabyte (TB) movie server. Kaleidescape’s Ultimate 4K System now includes two Terra Prime 96TB movie servers loaded with every 4K title available on the Kaleidescape movie store at the time of shipment.

Kaleidescape Terra Prime 72TB movie server

Additionally, the company announced its Terra Prime 72TB movie server. The Terra Prime 96TB and 72TB servers replace the 88TB server.

Terra Prime features an all-new board design with faster processing power and faster network, for faster movie downloads and overall system performance. Terra Prime is the only dedicated movie server with 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet. And Terra Prime servers are equipped with enterprise-class disk drives, the same drives chosen by data centers for performance and reliability.

Kaleidescape also offers a Disc-to-Digital program to assist customers with transitioning their DVD and Blu-ray disc collections to digital on Kaleidescape. This provides an opportunity for disc collectors to enjoy the benefits of the Kaleidescape ecosystem without having to repurchase every movie at full price.

Kaleidescape Terra Prime HDD Movie Servers 

Terra Prime HDD is a next-generation high-capacity movie server. It can download a Kaleidescape high-bitrate 4K movie in as little as 8 minutes and serves up to five simultaneous playback zones (compact) or up to 10 simultaneous playback zones (full-size).

The full-size Terra Prime HDD 96TB stores approximately 1600 Kaleidescape high-bitrate 4K movies, the 72TB stores roughly ,200 Kaleidescape-fidelity 4K movies, and the 48TB stores approximately 800 Kaleidescape-fidelity 4K movies.

The compact Terra Prime HDD 22TB stores approximately 350 Kaleidescape-fidelity 4K movies and the 8TB stores roughly 130 Kaleidescape high-bitrate 4K movies.

Kaleidescape Terra Prime SSD Movie Servers 

Kaleidescape also offers Terra Prime Solid-State (SSD) models in 31TB and 8TB, designed for marine and installations that are enabled with 2.5 gigabit Ethernet or higher and require multiple playback zones.

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