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Severtson Adds Increased Sizes to Projection Screen Lines

Curved, Deluxe Frame, CW-GT Series, IF/LF Series, and TF Series see more available options.

Severtson Screens

Severtson Screens has announced it has increased available sizes to a number of its projection screen lines. Increased sizes are available in the following lines:

  • Curved Screen (CF235165)
  • Deluxe Frame (DF235208; DF169300; DF169350; DF169390)
  • GT Series (GT169175CW; GT169200CW; GT169175CG; GT169200CG)
  • IF and LF Series (IL169165; IL235158)
  • TF Series (T235208; T169165)

Severtson asks that you contact them for additional materials, availability, options, and specifics per line.

For more information, please visit