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Severtson Screens to Show Ultra Short Throw ALR Projection Screens at CEDIA Expo 2023

Also announces changes to production, including six-piece frames going forward and a 2.39:1 standard ratio.

Severtson Screens will feature its new Ultra Short Throw ALR (UST) projection screens during CEDIA Expo 2023, held in Denver from Sept. 7-9 at the Colorado Convention Center, booth #3018.

Severtson Screens - ALR UST Screen - CEDIA 2023

“Our new Ultra Short Throw ALR projection screens are engineered to reject ambient light, leaving the audience with a bright, clear image, even when there is light coming from above,” says Aaron White, home theater and pro AV sales lead at Severtson Corp. “The unique material provides excellent contrast, so images don’t appear washed out, and the carefully formulated surface pitch ensures the image from an ultra-short throw projector is bright and clear.”

Specifications include:

  • Surface: A unique ALR material for excellent contrast and a superior viewing experience
  • Gain: 0.6 on axis ±0.2
  • Half-Gain: Viewing angle of 85 degrees
  • Cone Viewing Angle: 170 degrees
  • HD Compatibility: 4K+

Also, in response to recent shipping and logistical issues, six-piece frames will be Severtson’s new standard moving forward. This will help to reduce shipping damages and provide a better experience for its customers. The screens will be of the same high-quality standard the industry has come to expect from a Severtson screen.

The change will occur gradually over the coming months as supply of four-piece frames is depleted. Four-piece frames will still be available on custom orders, with a lead time.

Finally, in recent years, the standard aspect ratios have shifted gradually wider. Movies are now almost exclusively produced at 2.39 or 2.40 aspect ratios. As a result, Severtson will be retiring the 2.35:1 aspect ratio as its standard and migrating to 2.39:1.

2.35 screens will be shipped until Severtson’s supply is exhausted. 2.35 will still be available on custom orders, with a lead time. The prices and standard diagonal sizes will remain the same, only changing the aspect ratio. The new 2.39 drawings are currently available on the Severtson website.

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