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Stewart Releases Harmony G2 Acoustical Weave Screen Material

Third-party analysis shows the new weave improves audio and color renditions.

Stewart Filmscreen has announced the release of its next-generation weave projection screen material, Harmony G2.

According to the company, objective third-party testing has revealed that, when compared to the leading weave screen material, Stewart’s Harmony G2 consistently outperforms — with less loss of mid and high frequencies and a near-flat reference level — meaning little to no compensating equalization is required.

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“Read the test results — the data is very clear,” says Mary Stewart, CEO and owner of Stewart Filmscreen. “Harmony G2 is the new leader in weave projection screen material. Harmony G2 is for those seeking a weave material for a vivid audio and visual experience. When speakers are placed behind the screen, Harmony G2 shows a measurable improvement in the audio experience. Color rendition is also achieved with truer whites as well as real-life skin tones.”

Stewart Filmscreen Weave
SH Acoustics’ objective third-party audio tests show Harmony G2 outperforms the leading competitor.

Acoustic consulting firm, SH Acoustics, in Milford, CT, evaluated the audio performance of Stewart’s new Harmony G2 weave material against a leading weave screen material. Testing confirms that Harmony G2 outperforms the competition by 1 to 2.0 dB from approximately 5 kHz to 20 kHz.

Coupled with a very wide viewing cone and with a half gain beyond 80 degrees off-axis, Harmony G2 also has exemplary color behavior, on and off-axis — all without the typical blue skew.

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