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TechLogix Expands Fiber Media Converter Line

Now available, the TL-MC-1S1RPP converts fiber-to-twisted pair and supplies PoE+ to connected devices.

TechLogix Networx has expanded its fiber-ready electronics line with the launch of the TL-MC-1S1RPP media converter. Now available, the TL-MC-1S1RPP adapts fiber to twisted pair while maintaining Gigabit network speeds and providing PoE+ to connected devices, such as cameras and access points.

TechLogix Fiber Media Converter

“Fiber is increasingly used for networking thanks to its bandwidth, transmission distance, and immunity to interference,” says Christopher Melendy, TechLogix director of product management. “However, most network electronics still have twisted pair ports, and a media converter is required to make the connection.”

Media converters are designed for expanding existing networks with minimal cost and complexity, and they are completely transparent to the connected devices and signals.

The TL-MC-1S1RPP features one fiber optic SFP port, one twisted pair RJ45 port, diagnostic LEDs for status and troubleshooting, and a 52V UL-listed power supply supporting up to 30w PoE+. The converter is compatible with both single-mode and multimode fiber, depending on the SFP transceiver module used (sold separately by TechLogix).

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