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Wireless Lighting Control from Lutron Provides Commercial Building Solution

Lutron launched its Vive wireless lighting control last week.

The Vive wireless lighting control system for Lutron

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 60 percent of U.S. commercial buildings were constructed before 1980, presenting a need for retrofit products. Lutron expects this and other factors to combine to create a high demand for time and labor-saving products and solutions. To address these issues the company launched its Vive wireless lighting control last week.

Using Lutron’s Clear Connect wireless technology, Vive is simple and flexible, adapting to the changing needs of a building over time.

“To a building owner or facility manager, Vive represents a scalable, flexible lighting control solution that easily transforms a building one step at a time, or as space needs change, and helps address energy-saving issues. To contractors, Vive represents a reliable, simple, time-saving product that’s versatile enough to control all light sources in any size commercial building,” said Eric Lind, vice president of global specifications at Lutron. “This product addresses the needs of customers on many levels.” 

Lighting control is understood by some to save energy and promote productivity; however, existing buildings face significant challenges with lighting controls that require extensive new wiring, or are expensive and disruptive to the space. Vive addresses that challenge with simple and scalable solutions tied together with a wireless hub for central control and monitoring.

Lutron estimates that the Vive wireless solutions install up to 70 percent faster than wired systems. Vive also uses software that works on any smartphone, tablet, or PC to automatically detect the controls closest to the installer.

Vive allows facility managers and building owners to monitor, adjust and manage their system from any smart device, and quickly adjust lighting controls to accommodate building churn, improve occupant comfort, and enhance energy efficiency. The Vive wireless hub provides centralized functionality including timeclock scheduling, demand response, and energy reporting that helps optimize building management.

Vive is designed for commercial office spaces, K-12 schools, and universities with options that suit the unique needs of each different space type without locking customers into more or less control than they need.

Vive system components include a wireless hub, dimmers, switches, and wireless controllers. Vive can integrate via BACnet with other building/energy management, HVAC, IT, and audio-video systems.

Vive is available to spec now and will begin shipping October 2016.