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WiSA Certifies Axiim Link USB Transmitter

USB transmitter works with WiSA Ready audio sources to connect to WiSA-certified speakers.

WiSA LLC has announced the certification of the “Link” WiSA USB Transmitter from association member Axiim. The Axiim Link plugs into any WiSA Ready audio source, including TVs, gaming systems, and PCs, and allows them to connect to any speakers certified by the WiSA Association. The Axiim Link transmitter is also the first and only wireless, high-resolution device designed for Xbox One and Windows PCs that is also WiSA Certified.

Launched in September 2018, the new WiSA Ready certification identifies entertainment sources — such as TVs, gaming systems, or computers — that are equipped to deliver up to eight channels of high-definition wireless audio to WiSA Certified speakers when connected with a WiSA USB transmitter. This program is designed to simplify consumer setup and reduce costs by replacing AV receivers with a low-cost USB accessory.

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