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Yamaha YID-W10 Wireless Dock System

At this point in our i-culture, virtually every AV receiver is “iPod/ iPhone friendly.”

At this point in our i-culture, virtually every AV receiver is “iPod/ iPhone friendly.” This is great because, unless your customers are hiding from Delta Force in an Afghan cave somewhere, they likely have (and love) an iPod.

Yamaha’s YID-W10 puts a wonderful spin on the iPod dock.

However, “Works with iPod” typically requires foregoing one of the iPod’s greatest strengths–its interface. Instead of El Jobso’s brilliant GUI, these receivers often employ a lame, clunky white text on black background interface to scroll through a collection. Apple nailed the GUI, and monkeying with it is only screwing with genius (pun definitely intended). Yamaha seems to have received this memo, and its new YID-W10 wireless dock ($149.95) puts the iPod (and iPhone) right back in your client’s hands.

I wasn’t overly impressed with another manufacturer’s wireless iPod solution that transmitted signals via Bluetooth. I found that audio quality was noticeably inferior when in wireless mode. However, Yamaha claims its new “yAired” technology provides almost no latency (about 12 milliseconds), and transmits audio using uncompressed LPCM.

Yamaha dealers will like that the W10 is compatible with the new Aventage line of receivers (as well as the RX-V667). I had an RX-A700 Aventage model on hand for testing, and installation is literally as complicated as plugging the W10’s cable into the receiver’s “Dock” input. A small transmitter plugs into the iPod’s bottom connector that automatically syncs with the dock. The iPod powers the transmitter, while the AV receiver powers the dock.

Although the transmitter felt a little plasticky, it seated securely and never worked itself loose. I really dug that the receiver automatically powered on and went to the Dock input when the iPod started playing. Also cool is that the iPod’s scroll wheel raises and lowers the receiver’s volume. Very smartly, the receiver stops at -20 dB before letting you raise the volume higher, preventing accidental max-volume episodes.

Sonically I heard no audio quality differences between wireless and docked playback. Also, there is no break in sound when going in or out of wireless transmission as you dock/undock the iPod. The unit does, however, dislike being on the move; walking around holding the iPod produced momentary clicks in the audio as the connection was presumably lost and then reestablished. I noticed no lip-sync or delay issues when watching videos on my iPod or streaming YouTube clips from an iPad.

While iPad compatibility isn’t listed as a feature, it worked perfectly except for raising and lowering volume in 4 dB steps. iPhone users can also beam phone conversations to their audio systems, if so inclined. When docked, the iPod charges and responds to remote control transport commands–pause, track skip, etc.–so it can be integrated into a control system.

Yamaha’s YID-W10 puts a wonderful spin on the iPod dock, giving users a no-compromise way to enjoy their favorite portable device from the comfort of their preferred listening spot and Yamaha dealers with an easy add-on sale.


Takes one of the most brilliant things about the iPod–it’s control scheme–and puts it right where it belongs: the palm of your hand! With no loss of sound quality.

Audio tends to drop out if used while walking around; only select Yamaha receiver owners need apply.

Product Specs

  • Yamaha’s “yAired” technology provides uncompressed (linear PCM) wireless audio
  • Ultra-low latency provides realtime audio that remains in sync with video content
  • Compatible with iPhone, iTouch, and Nano, Classic, Video, and iPod’s with color display
  • Plug-and-play compatibility with all Yamaha Aventage AV receivers and RX-V667