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Movies for Watching at Home the Day They Open in Theaters – a Luxury Product Now Available to Your Clients

Being able to create a true first-run theater experience in the home is what having a great new media room is all about – and that’s what Red Carpet Home Cinema now makes possible. (833-222-7242)

AV integrators have long needed a service that they can count on to provide major Hollywood movies in their clients’ homes when they hit theaters. Red Carpet Home Cinema, a CEDIA 2019 best product award winner, provides a reliable solution that’s built to last. It was founded by two respected and experienced Hollywood executives — Fred Rosen, former Ticketmaster CEO and architect of its success, and Dan Fellman, former President, Domestic Distribution at Warner Bros.

Red Carpet Home Cinema has major titles such as Joker, Terminator: Dark Fate, The Addams Family, Gemini Man, Midway, Ford vs Ferrari, Richard Jewell and many more available for home viewing by your most valued clients. It’s the ultimate luxury for people who have top of the line screening and media rooms, and it’s the one service that they have not had access to until now.

As a bonus, Red Carpet Home Cinema servers can be installed in any room in the house, or in multiple rooms, including the screening room, media room, family room or bedroom.  All that’s required is a Red Carpet Home Cinema media server, an HDMI connection and a static IP address.

Visit, or call 833-222-7242 for pricing.

Red Carpet for First-Run Movies

Red Carpet Home Cinema members can rent movies for $1,500 to $3,000 apiece, depending on the title. Each rental can be viewed twice during a 36-hour viewing period. The movies are downloaded to a proprietary Red Carpet Home Cinema media server that retails for $15,000 to your clients. Movies  are available for rental on the day they’re released in theaters. There’s no monthly fee and no minimum rental obligation.

The best part: The Red Carpet Home Cinema media server can be installed/integrated into the media room by an AV professional as part of a new build, or as an add-on later. Not only is this an additional revenue opportunity for AV integrators and installers, but it is an added incentive for clients to buy home media rooms in the first place.

Red Carpet Home Cinema has licenses with major Hollywood studios, including Warner Bros., Fox, Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM, Annapurna and STX. Red Carpet Home Cinema is a luxury product that makes your clients’ screening rooms, worth the expense. Large screen TVs and projectors are most valuable when viewing movies and sports.

A Premium Sales Opportunity

Red Carpet Home Cinema is an ideal product for AV integrators/installers to sell to their high-end clients.