How to Determine Whether to Rent or Buy Your Place of Business
By Mike “Sparky ” Detmer,   July 09, 2014
Here are tips to keep in mind when considering whether to rent or own your place of business. The bottom line? Take a look at what you are paying for rent. More..

How Adjusting Your Company's Image Could Rev Up Sales
By Mike Detmer,   May 19, 2014
Your branding says everything about you. It gets attention, builds interest and creates desire among the customers you hope to serve. I challenge you to put your branding through the relevancy test. More..

Customer Advisory Councils Offer Insight into Providing Stellar Service
By Mike Detmer,   March 06, 2014
During 1980s, the great Wayne Gretzky was dominating the sport of hockey and in an interview explained the secret to his remarkable success. More..

Why Annual Performance Reviews Are Valuable
By Mike Detmer,   January 13, 2014
With the holidays just around the corner and my family spread from Florida to California I decided to send everyone personalized gift boxes. More..

Maximizing Your Working Capital by Keeping Inventory in Check
By Mike Detmer,   November 05, 2013
My seatmate on the flight to CEDIA EXPO was quite an interesting fellow. More..

Tips for Building a Winning Sales Force at CEDIA EXPO
By Mike Detmer,   August 29, 2013
I still remember my first day on the job running the sales operations at Niles. More..

Advice for Capitalizing on a Multi-Dwelling Unit Building Revival
By Mike Detmer,   July 22, 2013
After stepping down as president of Niles and launching my own brand, Mike Detmer Business Solutions, I decided to leave San Diego and return to Florida where my wife was attending law school. More..

How to Use Tax-Deferred Savings to Fund Your Start-up
By Mike Detmer,   May 02, 2013
My friend Shelton has decided it’s time to start his own business. More..

Five Simple Steps to Help Hire the Right People
By Mike Detmer,   March 14, 2013
Whether you’re a small business owner or the hiring manager for a residential systems integrator, I’m certain you would agree that having the right people on your team is critical to its success. Yet chances are your company doesn’t have the wherewithal to afford a team of human resource professionals like Fortune 500 firms use to manage their hiring processes. More..

Finding a New Facility: the Best Investment You Can Make
By Mike Detmer,   January 09, 2013
It’s been a while since I received an invitation for a grand opening of a residential systems integrator’s new show room. I’d like to think that the reason isn’t due to waning popularity but rather dealers just aren’t opening that many showrooms as in the past. More..

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