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ADAM Audio’s TENSOR and Classic MK3 Loudspeakers

ADAM Audio USA will be introducing its newest addition to its TENSOR Series Loudspeakers and its enhanced Classic MK3 Series at CEDIA 2009. All TENSOR and Classic MK3 additions are compatible with existing models and are designed for sonic consistency.

The Alpha, Beta, and Gamma floor-standing models of the TENSOR Series are now joined by the smaller Delta and Epsilon models, along with the Center and the SW393 subwoofer, which allow TENSOR to be used in any high-end stereo or multi-channel system.

The three-way Delta is equipped with X-ART midrange and tweeter transducers and the compact two-way Epsilon speaker with an X-ART tweeter. The TENSOR Center components are matched to the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma speakers for consistent sound reproduction throughout the frequency range.

The TENSOR SW393 subwoofer is designed to provide depth and power to a multi-channel system without sacrificing precision and detail. A 1000W Pulse Width Modulation amplifier drives the 15-inch diaphragm driver and functions with a powerful neodymium magnet and a long-throw voice coil that allows linear excursion of up to ±2 cm. The SW393 features a wide range of sophisticated controls, including a phase switch, level control, high pass filter for satellite output and a variable upper barrier frequency adjustment of 50-150 Hz.

Available in a range of passive and active models from small models to larger, full range floor-standing models, Classic Mk3’s are adaptable to all room sizes for both stereo and multi-channel applications.

Technical improvements in the Column Mk3 Tower include ADAM’s new X-ART tweeters that ensure extended frequency response with maximum efficiency. In the active version, ADAM’s new A/B amplifier drives the high frequency section. The Column also features ADAM’s new high-quality X-ART lower midrange driver and two new Hexacone 7-inch woofers for full range reproduction from 28 Hz to 50 kHz.

ADAM’s new Pencil Mk3 reveals even the subtlest details of the higher frequency range. The Pencil’s accurate low-range reproduction results from the high quality materials and drivers combined with two woofers to distribute the lower frequencies. One woofer acts as a full range driver while the other reproduces frequencies below 15 Hz, effectively doubling the area and power of the bass reproduction.

The Compact Mk3 uses the same components as the larger Classic Mk3 speakers to provide quality sound in a compact size. The Center Mk3 and SW260 Mk3 subwoofer also feature matching Classic Series components to achieve sonic homogeneity and the same sophisticated level of reproduction for multichannel systems.

The subwoofer expands the frequency of any system down to 25 Hz while a level control, phase switch, variable upper frequency, and a switchable 85Hz high pass filter for satellite output allow it to be adapted to any system and its particular needs.

All standing models are equipped with new base plates and spikes to improve decoupling from the floor, and finishes are in high-gloss black. New wood veneers will be introduced later this year.