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Elite Screens’ New Raptor Projection Screen

Elite Screens Inc. has completed design modifications to its Raptor projection screen that provide even more versatility for residential AV integrators.

Raptor, an electric, floor-rising screen that conceals itself in an attractive functional furniture cabinet, is now available in a front-mounted configuration that allows enough surface space for up to a 60-inch flat-panel display. Variants using CineWhite Tension material for enhanced flatness and 2.35:1 aspect ratio for wide screen movies will also be available.

Elite’s Raptor is a completely self-standing projection screen for installations when wall or ceiling screen installations are not practical, such as in apartments. It is housed in a fully functional media stand that accommodates a variety of media room hardware with its self-contained, aesthetically pleasing design.

“Raptor is an ideal home theater solution that combines aesthetic elegance with the functional performance of a large disappearing projection screen,” Elite Screens’ marketing manager, David Rodgers, said. “With enough surface space for a flat-panel TV, Raptor provides a perfect solution for both everyday viewing and special home theater experiences.”

Raptor comes in three sizes: 72-inches, 84-inches or 92-inches measured diagonally with 16:9 and 2.35:1 aspect ratios available, with Elite’s MaxWhite FG fiberglass-backed material that provides a flat and easily visible surface in 1.1 gain. Additional material options also include Elite’s CineWhite 1.1 gain tension material.

Raptor utilizes a motorized, cross-rising “scissor” mechanism for versatility in placement and convenient integration. It is driven by a tubular motor that is designed for superior weight tolerance and operational lifespan. Its variable height settings accommodate virtually any home theater environment while the cabinet’s neutral design and aesthetic accentuates the dÈcor of most homes or offices.

Elite’s Raptor provides a wide variety of control options for increased flexibility. Each unit comes with a 5-12V wireless trigger for drop/rise synchronization with a projector’s power cycle, along with infrared and radio frequency (IR/RF) receivers for a complete wireless operational package. The RF remote provides a superior range of wireless operation without the necessity for line-of-sight contact. The ZR800D IR universal, learning remote allows simultaneous screen operation with up to eight different media devices so users can easily and quickly manipulate various video and media sources. Both the RF remote and a ZR800D IR universal learning remote are included.