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SIM2 Forms Partnership with Krell for CEDIA

SIM2 USA is looking to gain market share and increased presence at this year’s CEDIA event. The momentum continues as SIM2 announces their partnership with Krell to provide a full in-theater demonstration.

“We are thrilled to work with Krell for this year’s CEDIA Expo,” SIM2’s VP of sales and marketing, Charlie Boornazian, said. “Each brand represents the pinnacle of performance in its respective category. We share the common goal of wanting to bring reference quality back to the forefront. While many brands are trying to “make do” with low-priced products, both SIM2 and Krell are introducing new products to the market that represent the best quality and industry leading performance.”

Bill McKiegan, Krell’s VP of USA sales and marketing, added, “We are excited to be partnering with SIM2 for CEDIA 2009. The performance and design of SIM2 projectors are world-class, and integrate perfectly with Krell home theater systems. We expect to deliver the most exciting home theater experience at the Expo.”