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Tributaries T200 power manager

How do you rate the Tributaries T200 Power Manager?
I would give the T200 a 10. Based on its feature set and price point I don’t believe it is missing anything.

For what applications is it best suited?
I would recommend the T200 for mid- to upperrange home theaters or to anyone that wants to grow into their components. We used the T200 in a Middle Atlantic rack recently and with its wide spacing between outlets, we were able to get away with only using one power center instead of a power center and an additional power strip. This helps keep the rack nice and clean.

Describe its feature set.
The T200 features separate amp and volt meters, over- and under-voltage protection, and there were no shortcuts taken with its interior components. There’s also a conveniently located AC outlet on the front and a USB charger and light outlet, RJ-45 line protection, three DSS/CATV in and out protection jacks, selectable switched and unswitched outlets, and wide spacing on rear outlets for oversized transformers. The streamlined front panel also looks great.

What features would you like to see changed or added to the T200?
None. I think this T200 power center is one of the best thought out designs I have seen in a long time.

Thirteen Outlets:
■ Four Isolated Always-on Digita
■ Two Isolated Switched or Always-on Digital
■ Four Isolated Switched-on Analog
■ Two Delayed-on High Current
■ One Always-on Convenience outlet (front)

2U rack mountable
5400 Joule Rating
Three pairs of DSS/CATV protected lines
Two-second delay power switch for turn-on/off
Twelve-volt DC trigger in and out
Dimmable LED front panel control
Front panel circuit breaker