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Carl Easton

Articles From This Author


Creating User Guides

So youve figured out the coolest, slickest, and most wonderful feature to incorporate into your installations. Off you go, investing corporate dollars to develop...


Any-to-Any is Back

I can still envision those nightmare days of wiring closets full of punch-down blocks of telephone wire running in and out of every possible...


Following Procedures

After a few hundred clients or so, even the most stubborn A/V integrator should have gotten the message of repeatability by now. Those early...


Time to Upgrade

The recent decision by DirecTV to use XM Radio channels as their music station selections brings to mind an interesting observation about our industry....


Remembering Soft Tools

Its a bit amazing to me how hardware-centric this entire A/V industry has gotten. Everything seems to have turned into this or that connector...


The Next Revolution

So the annual CEDIA show in Indianapolis was, as always, quite a visual and audio treat. But this years CEDIA didnt quite capture me...


Twisted Photons

So you’ve finally got your back against the wall and can’t find any way out of running a fiber optic strand or two to...


Where Has the Fiber Gone?

A lot has been said about the esoteric capabilities of using a fiber optic toslink connection to provide multi-channel sound from some audio/video source...