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Looking for a New Line? Check Out These CEDIA First Timers

Sony. Control4. Sonos. Harman. Snap AV. At one point every company was a first-time exhibitor at CEDIA. This year CEDIA’s newbie exhibitors will introduce their companies to the custom installation world in an area called Innovation Alley.

Sony. Control4. Sonos. Harman. Snap AV. At one point every company was a first-time exhibitor at CEDIA. This year CEDIA’s newbie exhibitors will introduce their companies to the custom installation world in an area called Innovation Alley.

According to CEDIA, Innovation Alley is where you can find “new manufacturers breaking into the industry” and it’s where you’ll “discover new products and vendors that are bringing fresh innovation into the market.”

You never know what you’ll uncover when you visit these up-and-coming companies. Perhaps it will be a solution you’ve been needing, or something you’d never thought of, or perhaps even your company’s must-have item for the coming year. These companies are often new and small and you’ll have often have the opportunity to meet with the founders who share their passion and vision for the product. The booths are usually smaller and less crowded so you can really get an opportunity to talk to them and see if their offering is right for your company.

This year, 17 manufacturers are slated to exhibit on the Alley, which is located in a prime spot near Paradigm (Sound Room 1), Channel Vision Technology (Booth 4446), and Powerhouse Alliance (Booth 4138). I reached out to all of these innovators prior to the show to find out how long they’ve been in business, why they decided to come to CEDIA and why you should consider making the Alley part of your show plan!

Over the next several weeks I’ll introduce you to each of the companies so you can plan out your CEDIA schedule appropriately.

Remocam, Booth 4168

Remocam made it through its first year in business, having been founded in March of 2015. Technologists should know that Remocam not only manufacturers smart home devices, the company also develops software. What makes Remocam unique is they are the only home security camera that can control devices with infrared technology. Remocam’s unique 335-degree wide pan and wide angle lens allows you to view almost the entire room with a realistic video image, and the cameras feature an IR-blaster that can control lights, TVs, and other devices that come with IR remote so you don’t need to buy an IoT Hub.

The company is launching its second product, RemoBell, which is what prompted them to exhibit at CEDIA. “Unlike other doorbells, RemoBell is an HD video doorbell powered by batteries which gives the device terrific installation flexibility,” marketing lead Summer Kim explained. RemoBell features a wide-angle lens that produces a crisper, better defined view of the front door. RemoBell also has infrared night vision, along with an advanced motion sensor that only turns when body heat is detected to maximize efficiency and extend battery life, and reduces the amount of false motion alerts.

Attendees should stop by Remocam’s booth where they will be demonstrating Remocam’s home automation features and RemoBell’s live streaming. Click here to learn more.

Atram Group PoE LED, Booth 4156

Atram Group’s founder started WiFi-Texas, which deals with PoE products for cameras, phones, WiFi and tablets, but launched PoE LED this year as a new business to focus on LED lighting solutions based on low voltage and Ethernet wiring.

The company says, “Using PoE to power LEDs is evolutionary for our company but revolutionary for the industry!” company founder, Murray Freeman, stated. With their products, LED lighting and wall switches can be installed without a licensed electrician and using low cost wire.

They are coming to CEDIA as it will be “an awesome place to get attention” and invite attendees to come and learn how PoE can lower installation costs.

Learn more by clicking here.

Meural, Booth 4158

Founded in August 2014 Meural is a digital canvas that allows users to stream high quality artwork—classic paintings, photography, digital art, or their own images—straight to their wall. Like an actual painting, you never touch the canvass, but rather control it to change images via a website, mobile app or with an elegant swipe of the hand.

Check out Gordon van Zuiden’s profile of Meural here

Meural is the only company that legally and ethically licenses all visual media from galleries, artists, photographers and partners insuring not only beautiful images but good karma. The company’s patented technology also displays images in a lifelike, textured and realistic manner, letting you appreciate fine detail like brushstrokes.

“We believe residential integrators would love to use a product like ours to have integration projects that would wow their clients and create an interactive and expressive home environment,” director of sales, Dan San, commented. “We want to see how they respond to the product and develop relationships with integrators to work together.”

Further, the company is offering $50 off any order placed before September 30 when using code CEDIA2017 and will offer a show special that can only be claimed at the booth. Click here to learn more.

LIFX, Booth 4170

Beginning life as a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 (LIFX: The Light Bulb Reinvented), the company’s goal is to allow people to see the world around them in color. “We build a lightbulb aimed at changing the way people experience their world,” director of marketing, Jon Ivanco, commented.

LIFX builds the brightest, WiFi connected smart bulb on the market, caplable od producing millions of colors or 1000 shades of white! LIFX is unique in that the system doesn’t require any kind of hub; everything needed is all inside the bulb. As LIFX takes root in more homes, “CEDIA felt like a natural fit, and the presence of our partners also makes CEDIA a great event to be a part of,” Ivanco added.

If you’ve been looking for new ways to light up project, or to add some color and control in a new way, stop by and visit LIFX. “Any home can get started with just one bulb.” Click here to learn more.