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Resi Guide to InfoComm: AV over IP Solutions

RTI’s Miravue VIP-1 Video Over IP Transceiver Packs a Lot into a Small Box

If there was any doubt that AV over IP is now the de facto transport, one jog around the show floor of InfoComm 2018 should cast them aside. While the AVIXA trade show has a significant commercial flavor, there are a number of booths showing some remarkable residential solutions.

One particular pece that caught my eye was the Miravue VIP-1 from Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI), and it almost didn’t, not because of the technology, but because this possible gem was hidden among their line of controllers and interfaces. The VIP-1, with its unique small form factor, was placed discreetly in the middle of a display of extender boxes.

The Miravue VIP-1 is a transceiver box that can simultaneously transmit and receive video and audio. This is not just a simple point-to-point transport; the unit can deliver video to up to 32 displays without the use of a switcher.

While the Miravue lives in the LAN, it does not require a gigabit network or even a Layer 3 VLAN managed switch. RTI’s product engineer states the VIP-1 can deliver an H.264 1080p video over an standard network connection, with a 4K compliant unit expected to roll out shortly.

In addition to a single HDMI input, the VIP-1 provides the ability to bring in network video streams, such as IP Cameras and the growing list of DIAL and DNLA sources. Live media streaming sources and OTT media can be accommodated as effectively as physical media.

Resolutions Wrangled
We have all encountered the hand-wringing oddities when delivering a single content source to multiple destination monitors. As there may be a number of different makes, sizes, and maximum resolutions throughout the home, the picture may not always be optimal. The VIP-1 includes a built-in scaler to insure each TV gets the proper image.

RTI has not forgotten the audio, the Miravue also provides a lip-sync adjusted stereo downmix for locations in the home that cannot use a surround feed.

WIFI Enabled
All too often residential system integrators need to find a way of delivery content to locations that do not have a cable feed. The VIP-1 can deliver video distribution via built-in Wifi. As with all wireless, the actual distance one can deliver 1080p video over 2.4GHz will vary with location. Regardless, it is a powerful option in what contends to be a remarkable product.

The Miravue VIP-1, if it lives up to its potential, can become a standout video over IP for residential and light commercial applications.