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Kordz Releases New Article Demystifying AV over IP Technology

Entitled “AV over IP Demystified,” the article delves into the industry standards, protocols, and best practices of AV over IP.

The world of audio-visual technology has undergone a significant transformation with the emergence of AV over IP. This revolutionary concept, which allows audio and video to be transmitted over standard computer networks, has paved the way for a more flexible and scalable approach to the deployment of large-scale AV systems. The days of relying on dedicated AV cables and proprietary distribution systems appear to be numbered, as AV over IP continues to gain traction.

Kordz AVoIP Demystified

Still, there are many factors to consider when implementing AV over IP. A better understanding of the fundamental concepts, key components, and associated technologies is critical to adoption of this revolutionary cabling practice. To help bring clarity to the topic, Kordz has authored a comprehensive, insightful article on the core benefits and requirements of AV over IP. Packed with valuable information and insight from the cabling experts at Kordz, “AV over IP Demystified” helps systems integrators determine if AV over IP is right for their next projects and how to execute it properly.

“AV over IP Demystified” is the latest topic in Kordz’ Technology Demystified series, which is available to systems integrators at This article delves into the industry standards, protocols, and best practices of AV over IP and compares this new AV distribution method to traditional practices. An entire section steps readers through the design and deployment to achieve the best possible results.

“AV over IP has transformed the possibilities for the AV industry by leveraging the power of IP networks to transmit and manage AV content, making it more flexible, scalable, and cost-effective,” says James Chen, Kordz managing director. “While it may seem fairly straightforward in theory to transmit AV signals over Ethernet networks, there are many technological nuances to consider for seamless sharing and control of AV content across devices and locations.”

The newly released article offers practical information and tips that systems integrators can apply when implementing AV over IP, shares solutions to potential design and installation challenges, and assesses the impact of other technologies on AV over IP performance.

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