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AMX Ships DXLink Multi-Format Transmitters

AMX has released its DXLink Multi-Format Transmitters.

AMX has released its DXLink Multi-Format Transmitters.

Developed for use with the Enova DGX Digital Media Switchers and Enova DVX All-In-One Presentation Switchers, the transmitters add the ability to extend the reach of not only HDMI but now analog AV sources, as well as control, Ethernet and power, carrying the signals up to 100 meters over one twisted pair cable. Both the DXLink Multi-Format Transmitter Module and Wallplate designs are currently shipping.

DXLink Multi-Format Transmitters provide a transition between traditional and network-centric AV by providing full support for distributing traditional AV formats but utilizing UTP cabling while simultaneously distributing control and IP data over the very same cable. They incorporate a 2×1 switcher design — one analog input and one digital input are provided, giving the user the ability to remotely select from either source. This includes the capability to insert digital or analog audio into either of the actively chosen video sources.

“While we are seeing an increase in the use of digital sources in the conference room, we’re just not quite there yet. The need for long-distance transport of legacy analog sources is still huge,” said AMX chief technology officer Robert Noble. “The beauty of our design is that we support both analog and digital in the same unit, in essence doubling up on the number of inputs possible by using this architecture. By doing this we ensure that no matter the input we can support the technology allowing meeting participants to focus on the ‘perfect meeting’ and not having to worry about the underlying technology or compatibility.”

Enova Switchers feature exclusive technologies like SmartScale on every output to deliver video perfectly scaled for each display. They also include InstaGate Pro to smartly address key constraints and delays created by HDMI/HDCP. And with a single twisted pair cable connecting DXLink Transmitters to Enova DVX or DGX, all Enova capabilities are transported perfectly – 100 meters at a time from component to component. And this model can be carried out across an enterprise as far as needed.

“From an installation standpoint it doesn’t get simpler. Think of a conference room installation,” said Paul Hand, AMX senior product manager. “On the table, you install a HydraPort that gives your meeting attendees a clean way to easily plug in their digital and now analog devices like Laptops and Document Cameras for the presentation. From the HydraPort, you can then run short pass-through interconnect cables like VGA and HDMI – which can be costly in longer sizes – just a short distance to a DXLink Transmitter mounted under the table. From there, your only infrastructure is a single, twisted pair cable that you run to an Enova DVX Switcher located in an equipment closet across the room or an Enova DGX located down the hall for distribution to displays located all over the building. And instantly and very cost effectively, you’ve created a beautifully simple install that gives your client a reliable, easy-to-use system, scaled to their specific needs. And increasing convenience and cost savings a step further, DXLink Transmitters are powered from the connected Enova DGX or DVX so there is no need for a separate power supply – these tiny transmission powerhouses are incredibly effective.”

The DXLink Transmitter Module is easily mounted with all V Style options including rack, surface mount or pole. The Wallplate mounts onto standard 2 gang US, UK or EU back boxes.