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The Multi-Faceted Lighting Integrator

Embrace a comprehensive approach to successful lighting solutions.

On luxury residential projects, there are multiple stakeholders involved in providing a lighting solution. Because of that, significant coordination is required to ensure a smooth lighting deployment. As an integrator, you need to define your role, which when combined with lighting control and shades, provides a turnkey lighting solution that will achieve a smooth experience on the jobsite — and a beautiful experience in a finished home.

Home Design
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Here are some of the roles that may fall to the custom integrator:

Design: Lead by Design

Most luxury projects lack a dedicated lighting designer, making your role in design critical. It’s not merely about selecting high-quality fixtures; their placement is equally vital for achieving the intended result. Act as a consultant, collaborating with clients and design teams to comprehend the home’s nuances — its architectural features, finishes, furniture, and art. Understand how the home serves the client: Is it a tranquil retreat or a vibrant entertainment hub? Ensure the lighting fixtures work with the control systems and natural lighting with shades. Whether you employ an in-house designer or outsource, this step is crucial for a seamless integration of lighting into the home.

Product Procurement: Simplifying Specifications

Upon finalizing the design, you are tasked with supplying the fixtures. Manufacturers have streamlined the specification and procurement process for integrators. This stage is about ensuring the right product is available at the right time, enhancing project fluidity.

Project Management: Orchestrating Coordination

Effective project management involves overseeing timelines and ensuring that all products are available on-site when needed. It’s about preemptive coordination with installers to guarantee a smooth operation. Your deep understanding of the installation process and fixture types, informed by the initial design phase, is essential here. Many manufacturers can help with staging material and labeling fixtures by type before they arrive at the jobsite.

Experience it at Lightapalooza

This topic is to be addressed at Lightapalooza with a panel moderated by Tom Doherty, Director, New Technology Initiatives, HTSA. The panelists include Mike Libman, National Sales Director, Residential Systems, DMF Lighting; Kristin Reinitz, General Manager and Co-Owner, Admit One Home Systems; Josh Christian, CEO, HTA; and Brian Anderson, Lighting and Shading Sr. Project Manager, Cyber Technology Group.

Commissioning and Aiming: Fine-Tuning for Perfection

After the installation of fixtures comes commissioning and aiming. This is where you adjust the lighting to highlight key features of the home, like artwork and architectural details, or to accentuate statement furniture pieces. You’ll play with contrast and lighting intensity to perfect the ambiance. This is a task of growing importance with the rise of digitally addressable fixtures.

Supporting the System: Providing Long-term Value

Your relationship with the project extends beyond installation. As an integrator, you offer long-term support, adjusting aesthetics as needed or servicing fixtures. This ongoing commitment offers clients peace of mind and doesn’t overburden your team, given the low complexity of supporting lighting systems.

By embracing this comprehensive approach, you offer significant advantages to all stakeholders. You become the singular point of responsibility, eliminating finger-pointing and ensuring a seamless experience that keeps jobs on track. Positioning yourself as an integral part of the design team not only leads to successful lighting solutions, but also enables early discussions about other categories like audio, video, and others. Ultimately, the most significant measure of success is the enhanced quality of life your clients experience in their homes, a testament to the thoughtful design and selection of lighting fixtures.