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Crestron Names Guest Judges for the 2023 Home Technology Awards

The Crestron Awards Program is now accepting entries that demonstrate the possibilities and experiences smart home technology can provide.

Crestron Electronics has announced Jeremy Glowacki and Carol Campbell as judges for The Crestron Home Technology Awards, a new initiative to help dealers showcase their most creative projects. Home automation has evolved into an imaginative space where homeowners can connect, entertain, and relax precisely the way they envision. The Crestron Home Technology Awards showcase the best and most unique projects from the past year that utilize Crestron in innovative ways.

Crestron Home Tech Awards 2023 Guest Judges

The judging panel is composed of hand-selected experts in residential technology and design, and Crestron leaders in the residential space. Two guest judges will help determine the best projects in each category this year. Jeremy Glowacki, executive editor at Residential Tech Today, is a 20-year AV industry veteran who will bring his vast knowledge about smart homes and the technology implemented throughout them. Carol Campbell, founder and partner at Technology Designer LLC, has been in the AV industry for over 25 years and specializes in the blending of technology and home design. She also provides industry insight through her own platform at Technology Designer.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the best work from Crestron dealers,” says Glowacki. “When I’m judging projects in our industry, obviously a picture is worth a thousand words, but in addition to great photos or even video of the project, I also love an insightful anecdote about how an integrator successfully fulfilled their client’s goals for their home or solved a unique challenge on the project.”

“A home is the most meaningful place for many of us, which adds another layer of significance to any residential technology project,” says Campbell. “A well-executed project doesn’t seclude technology and design but instead brings them together for a cohesive experience that caters naturally to the lifestyle of the residents. I’m excited to join this judging panel to highlight some of the year’s most outstanding projects.”

Entrants will have nine categories to choose from, ranging from Best Entertainment Everywhere Solution to Best Design Meets Technology. Crestron dealers can enter as many projects as they wish, and any project can be submitted into multiple categories. The judges will focus on the submission’s quality, the project’s uniqueness, and the visuals accompanying the entry.

The Crestron Home Tech Awards are open to all Crestron Residential authorized dealers in the United States and Canada. For an entry to qualify, the project must have been completed between January 1, 2022, and June 30, 2023. Submissions are now open through June 29, 2023. Dealers can begin their Crestron Home Technology Awards entries today.