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CEDIA Talks at Expo 2019

Check out these free education sessions from leading industry experts taking place on the CEDIA Expo show floor.

Join CEDIA at Expo 2019 (Denver, September 10-14) for CEDIA Talks in booth 1301 to hear from top industry minds on critical topics that affect the home tech industry today and what to expect tomorrow. Only 20 minutes long, these free CEDIA Talks will offer crucial insights on emerging trends, new technologies, and strengthening business practices.


10:00-10:20 AM: From Fire to Photons
Presenter TBD
Explore the exciting evolution of lighting from filament lamps to LEDs and the protocols that propel it. Learn the acronyms and the buzzwords that are illuminating our world and providing business opportunities for integrators.

11:00-11:20 AM: Will Direct LED Replace Two-piece Projection?
Michael Heiss, Principal Consultant, M.Heiss Consulting
Some pundits are saying that the size and quality of emerging direct-view LED displays may mean the “end of projection.” Perhaps, perhaps not, as both technologies will likely remain viable into the future. Which is best in a given application?

2:00-2:20 PM: Mass Sensorization
Christiaan Beukes, Owner, Artcoustic SA/Sphere Custom Design
This is a short and sharp, but human, perspective on daily interactions with “harmless” technology, the constant grapple for subconscious control of our information, our wallets, our lives, and the subtle, “smart” subversion of our perceptions.

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11:00-11:20 AM: DC Microgrids and Power Quality in the Home
Ken Erdmann, Owner, The Erdmann Group
LED lighting, USB power, and PoE are just a few culprits creating problems for power systems in the home. Non-linear loads are creating terrible harmonics that affect power quality and efficiency. What is going on in the world to help solve these problems?  We’ll talk all of this and new, emerging battery technologies.

1:00-1:20 PM: Go Hyperlocal: Own the Neighborhood, Own the Town (Save on Truck Rolls)
Julie Jacobson, CE Pro & Bigger Things, Emerald Expositions
Neighborhood networks are the new word-of-mouth. Hyperlocal social platforms like Nextdoor (and soon Google and Facebook) allow neighbors to engage, recommend, and spread the word to adjacent communities. Let’s discuss how custom integrators can win the neighborhood.

2:00-2:20 PM: WiFi 6
Nathan Holmes, Technical Trainer, Access Networks
With WiFi now an expected utility in all buildings and 5G threatening to change the landscape of mobile data, enter “WiFi 6,” the next big thing in wireless LAN! The introduction of WiFi 6 will bring not only speed and capacity benefits, but a complete renaming of the WiFi standards we know and love.

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10:00-10:20 AM: What Does AI Actually Mean?
Rich Green, Owner, Rich Green, Ink; Peter Aylett, President and CTO, Archimedia
As social and consumer trends mature, so does the ever-shifting aspirational definition of AI (Artificial Intelligence). This session will define the important terms, and explore how the next decade will see a gradual shift towards the previously sci-fi reality of Broad General AI, and how this will affect the experiences and solutions that we’ll be delivering to our customers in the future.

11:00-11:20 AM: To Infinity & Beyond: The Scope Creep of Our Business
Christiaan Beukes, Owner, Artcoustic SA/Sphere Custom Design
Yesterday, we were wiring for RF technologies and the coming of HD. Today, we’re figuring out multiple streaming technologies over three different existing infrastructures in a home. Tomorrow? Taking a glimpse at what is to come can give us a solid foundation for how we could adapt our individual businesses to better cater to the client of tomorrow.

1:00-1:20 PM: Augmented Reality and Spatial Computing
Rich Green, Owner, Rich Green, Ink
In a few short years, every aspect of our daily lives will be transformed by the Spatial Web. Objects, rooms, buildings, and vehicles will have spatial URLs that allow us to interact with layer upon layer of dynamic data made decentralized and secure with open operating systems that are authenticated by our personal, rule-based blockchain systems. This short talk will tease you with the Spatial Web, aka Web 3.0, and how it will change everything.

2:00-2:20 PM: Where is the Video Train Headed?
Michael Heiss, Principal Consultant, M.Heiss Consulting
Video displays have gone from CRT to plasma and then to LCD, QLED, and OLED, and now DirectLED and microLED. Projection systems have gone from bulky three-tube CRT systems to laser illuminated systems, and now to laser-direct as well. This talk will briefly review the current state of video displays and where it is going in the future.

4:00-4:20 PM: Cinema Grades, CEB22, CEB23, and Designer Facts
Peter Aylett, President and CTO, Archimedia
CEDIA already has a range of recommended practices and other resources that define best practice. 2019 will see all of these updated, and three new exciting ones added to make up the complete picture to define performance grades, engineering specifications for products, and design best practices, then bring all these together with comprehensive guidance notes.

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