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Kaadas Group Expands Smart Lock Solutions Available to Integrators

In a first-time showcase for the professional residential market, Kaadas Group is introducing several new smart lock solutions available to professional integrators.

Kaadas Group’s KA227-V is a robust video doorbell and smart lock all-in-one that includes a wireless chime

Kaadas Group is introducing several new smart locks to the robust line up of Kaadas electronic and smart lock solutions available to professional integrators. Showcased for the first time to the professional residential market, the KA227-V Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Smart Deadbolt Lock with Dual Fingerprint Sensors as well as two new Z-Wave smart lock models–KA210A and KA210–will each be on display within the Kaadas booth (#3552) at CEDIA Expo 2023.

An engineering marvel and CEDIA installer dream product, the KA227-V from Kaadas is a robust video doorbell and smart lock all-in-one that includes a wireless chime. On the front door, where space for technology is at a premium, having a single device that fulfills multiple roles is invaluable. A combined video doorbell and smart lock solution saves space on the door and exterior, providing a cleaner, less cluttered aesthetic.

Featuring four different ways to lock/unlock–via fingerprint, PIN code, key, or the Kaadas companion app–users are empowered to select the method that is either the easiest or most reliable. The integrated dual fingerprint sensor is capable of recognizing up to 50 unique fingerprints and unlocking the door in as little as 0.3 seconds. Alternatively, the KA227-V stores up to 20 unique programmed PIN codes and, because security is paramount, features ANSI/BHMA Grade 3 certification.

This cutting-edge solution includes a 1080p video camera complete with full HD live view, night-vision and two-way audio capabilities, ensuring users can always check to see who is at the front door and communicate with them effortlessly. Built-in motion detection not only provides a window for live viewing but can also be used to trigger video clip recording, which is accomplished locally on the device with no monthly fee required. The KA227-V comes equipped with 2 GB of internal storage which is capable of keeping an estimated 1,000 video clips of length between 6 to 10 seconds.

Kaadas’s KA210A Z-Wave Fingerprint Keypad Deadbolt

On the Z-Wave front, the Kaadas KA210A Z-Wave Fingerprint Keypad Deadbolt and Kaadas KA210 Z-Wave Key Free Touchpad Deadbolt models will both be available for integrators looking to spec the latest Z-Wave locks into their installations later this month. Designed for the residential market, the KA210A and KA210 also feature several standout safety features professional integrators can leverage as key selling points to their customers. Both models are capable of auto locking, have lockout mode as well as away mode and come equipped with several unique PIN code features. For each model, users may generate one-time PIN codes which disappear after use or, schedule one-time PIN codes which are only active during a specified time window.

The major difference between the two models is the fact that the KA210A features the same 3D biometric fingerprint technologies as the KA227-V, but the KA210 does not. Both Z-Wave models are available in Satin Nickel, Black and Oil Rubbed Bronze.

To enable certified interoperability with the entirety of the Z-Wave ecosystem, now 4,300+ certified devices strong, both models are available with the Z-Wave 700 Series module. Additionally, each model supports up to 250 user PIN codes that vary in length from 4-10 digits, feature a backlit touch keypad, are ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 certified for bolstered security, and are IP65 rated dust proof and waterproof to endure the elements.

On Thursday, September 7th, from 2:45 p.m. MT to 3:15 p.m. MT, Kaadas takes to the Smart Stage, live at CEDIA Expo 2023 to present “Unlocking the Future: A Journey from Mechanical to Smart Locks.” This in-depth session will cover everything professional integrators need to know about locks, and where they may have been previously misled. Kaadas CEO of North America, Nick English will be joined on stage by Lee Odess, a globally renowned access control influencer and thought leader who has spent his career reimagining the role of access technology in modern connected living experiences. Together, the duo will explore the evolution of locks, refute myths surrounding locks that have been previously marketed as “smart,” and reveal the innovative technologies shaping the next generation of locks that truly deserve the “smart lock” title.