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Taking a Bite out of Tech at CEDIA Expo 2019

Tech Bites, held on the CEDIA Expo Smart Stage, takes the concept of speed dating and brings it to a whole new level.

Tech Bites, held on the CEDIA Expo Smart Stage, takes the concept of speed dating and brings it to a whole new level. Ten presenters were given three minutes to showcase their companies and convince integrators to visit their CEDIA Expo booths.

Wilson Electronics
If you’ve walked into a building or home and couldn’t get a cell signal, then Wilson Electronics is right for you. Via its cellular amplification solutions, Wilson takes cellular signals from outside the home and amplifies and distributes them into a home or business. Building materials can block and weaken cell signals, and Wilson devices like the Pro 1100—the company’s most powerful product—amplifies and sends cell signals inside the home, for homes up to 2500 sq. ft. It is carrier agnostic, works with all cell providers, and provides LTE signals.

Zappiti at Tech Bites 2019
A rep from Zappiti speaks at CEDIA Expo 2019’s Tech Bites.

Established in 2011, Zappiti designs and manufactures high-end media players and is a preferred Rayva partner. Zappiti says it has a server solution for every application—from the invisible min-player to a stackable NAS Server for ripping a complete disc collections with virtually unlimited storage. The company offers four players from the Mini4K to the flagship Pro4K, all offering HDR. ]

ProjX360 is a full end-to-end management solution for the custom install industry. This inventory management system is designed for needs of the CI industry, and allows integrators to easily view and track the order and status of products that have been ordered for each project. It also features flexible pricing based on the number of seats and modules a company needs.

A representative from AVstumpfl discussede the company’s new Fullwhite screen, which offers no borders and no depth and makes the picture float in space. AVstumpfl offers different mounting solutions, and is offered in numerous sizes. The company has both a residential and commercial focus, having solutions that work for both channels, which is why Fullwhite can be curved for commercial applications.

Savant offers deep integration where the quality is defined by the experience. The company talked about its latest integration with Apple TV, which was co-developed API with Apple. Savant says it adds value to the Apple TV experience through integration, including user activated voice control, Savant scenes, personalization, 2-way feedback, and full entertainment and room control. A new Savant Home app for Apple TV allows users to access and control everything inside the home from an on-screen experience inside Apple TV using the Savant app.

Launched two years ago on Kickstarter, Konnected wants to bring back all of those alarm systems and use them as part of a home automation system. Traditional wired alarms are found in 20-30 million homes in North America, and Konnected integrates these old wired alarm systems with smart home systems of today, allowing functionality from existing wired motion detectors, door and window sensors, etc. It seamlessly integrates with SmartThings, Home Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Fibaro, and others.

Beale Street Audio
Beale Street discussed its new flexible BAV4250 amplifier solution that works for any commercial or residential installations. The amplifier offers 250 watts per channel with up to 4 channels and is capable of mixing outputs of 4-, 8-ohm, 70- and 100-volt speakers, all with the same amplifier. The amplifier features intelligent routing with a powerful DSP and parametric EQ. Any source can be mixed or selected for each channel output, and it offers both IP and cloud-based control.

Broadly is a platform available on desktop and mobile app that is designed to let integrators run their business smarter, faster, and more responsibly. Broadly says 90 percent of customers pay with the app using Venmo or Apple Pay within the same day. Broadly then follows-up with customers to get reviews, helping the company to improve its online presence and rating.

Airzone is a European HVAC control company, and is introducing its new Aidoo Inverter VRF Wi-Fi controller. They say most smart thermostats aren’t really smart, and use the same principles of operation 135 years after the first thermostat patent was filed in 1883, dry-contact. Aidoo Inverter/VRG Wi-Fi controller offers smart two-way communication by communicating directly with the HVAC system.

RoseWater Energy Group
Power quality is becoming more important with the popularity of home automation and high-end audio and video solutions. Bad power can affect both the performance and lifespan of this equipment. RoseWater says it offers the most complete energy management solution available today, the Hub SB20. Clean power, with instantaneous switchover to battery back-up on loss of power, are designed to ensure the equipment always gets clean power and constant up time.


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