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Residential Systems Picks Awards Winners for CES 2020

See which companies took home this year's awards!

CES 2020 has come ands gone, and as we reflect on the products seen and lessons learned, the staff at Residential Systems has named their Picks Awards winners for CES 2020. Only products that were submitted into the awards program were eligible to win, and were judged based on their potential impact to the custom installation industry.

Here are the Residential Systems Picks Award winners for CES 2020:


Legrand Vantage Controls Vantage EasyTouch Glass
The EasyTouch Glass is a replacement for light switches in the smart home. The keypad offers a highly reflective, glass-like look with a smooth touch surface for a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. This modular keypad station combines robust functionality with a sleek, contemporary design that complements any smart home’s interior. Available with up to five programmable buttons for different scenes — such as “Welcome,” “Away,” or “Party” — the EasyTouch Glass not only allows users to set the lighting in a space, but also to control shades, garage doors, and more.

Completely customizable to each project, the keypad allows installers and designers to match or mix colors for trims, buttons, and faceplates, while a two-step painting process ensures consistent color definition and reflectivity. Buttons are laser-engraved with the letters illuminated by adjustable RGB backlighting in the user’s color of choice. An ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the backlighting based on the time of day, and users can easily determine which scenes are active based on the button’s color or intensity.

Lenovo Frame CES Picks

Lenovo Smart Frame
Is it tech or is it art? It can be both with the Lenovo Smart Frame, which is a smart digital photo frame that allows users to relive memories, rediscover photos and share favorite moments. Designed for the home, the Smart Frame is a FHD 21.5-inch frame with a matte screen finish and anti-glare layer. With its color tone sensor, Smart Frame will adjust its brightness according to ambient light in the room, creating a natural viewing experience. Users can also choose from hundreds of artwork from the free app to make a statement in the home and share memories with Google Photos and more cloud platforms – all for $399.

Sony MASTER Series A9G

Sony Electronics MASTER Series A9G
Sony’s flagship MASTER Series A9G BRAVIA OLED 4K HDR TV delivers unbelievable picture quality in a very slim form factor. With the built in X1 Ultimate, the A9G provides 4K HDR clarity and color approaching that of a professional-grade monitor. Along with a super wide viewing angle, precise contrast, absolute blacks, the Pixel Contrast Booster providing more color and contrast in bright areas, Netflix Calibrated Made, and IMAX Enhanced, the A9G shows images and colors as they truly are. Additionally, Sony’s Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology creates sound from the entire screen, providing pictures and sound in perfect harmony.

Sony MASTER Series Z9G

Sony Electronics MASTER Series Z9G
Sony maximizes the super-large screen experience with the MASTER Series Z9G 8K HDR TV. Step into the world of 8K viewing with richer color and clarity than ever before thanks to Sony’s built in X1 Ultimate processor. Coupled with new intelligent technologies like Backlight Master Drive with full-array local dimming, and 8K X-tended Dynamic Range PRO, the Z9G’s super-large picture is matched with exceptional detail and accuracy. Additionally, the Z9G series features Acoustic Multi-Audio for accurate and faithful sound positioning and X-Motion Clarity to minimize motion blur.

URC Remote

URC TRC-1480 Remote with Voice Control
The latest addition to the URC Total Control Home Automation system, the TRC-1480 is a whole-house remote with a 2.4-inch touch screen that features push to talk voice control for control of your entire home without having to worry about being monitored all the time. The TRC-1480 features endless possibilities for controlling everything – select the source(s) to play in the zones of your home, dim the lights, adjust motorized shades, view who is at your front door, adjust your thermostats, unlock/lock the front door, interact with Amazon Alexa, use Siri to control your Apple TV — all from one universal remote.

Essence Security Care@Home Indoor Multi-sensor Fall Detector
Essence Care@HomeThere was a ton of digital health content at CES 2020, and aging in place looks to be one of the bigger emerging trends, with the need for precise, expert installation putting it in the purview of custom installers. The Care@Home Indoor Multi-sensor Fall Detector, an Intelligent fall solution, is a new product designed to help provide immediate assistance for elderly at home in the event of potentially debilitating falls. The Radar Fall Detector monitors a defined area within the home using a combination of 3D radar, artificial intelligence, and passive infrared technologies.

The device is battery-powered and completely wireless, saves lives by detecting falls and other irregularities, and helps first responders easily locate the person in distress. The Radar Fall Detector, can be easily installed by the family members or professional installer alike with a low level of cost and overhead.

The artificial intelligence in the device allows the sensor to distinguish between humans and animals, and identify the residents position at any time. Additionally, the device works in complete darkness with exactly the same efficiency to detect night wandering emergencies.

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