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Fusion Launches ‘Epic’ Platform

The completely redesigned Epic system is a significant upgrade, featuring a new front-end GUI, backend and database.

Fusion Research has released a new platform that completely replaces and greatly upgrades the previous product lineup. 

Fusion’s Epic Platform

“The Epic platform has been in the works for several years and is the culmination of many of the requests from our customers as well as what we have learned from our previous generation products,” according to company president Joe Storm. “The end result is a brand new user interface that is easier to use and more intuitive for the entire viewing audience.” 

One of the major new features of the system is called EasyLoad, which is a simpler way to load movies into the system. EasyLoad allows for unattended movie loading for both Blu-ray and DVDs. Simply insert the disc into the front of the server, and the system will automatically begin importing the movie. No button presses, menu selections, or keyboard entries are required to load your movie; the display doesn’t even need to be turned on. In addition to easier loading, you can now watch movies while the loading is done in the background, freeing up the system for use. 

Another new feature of the system is Series Mode, which allows users to see just one entry for a TV series, representing all the episodes of the show. Once the user selects the series, they will see each season and episode listed for them to choose from. To accomplish this, an entirely new database system was needed. Since the majority of new releases are television series rather than movies, this enhancement was seen as critical for the new system. 

“This is one of the largest projects we’ve ever undertaken,” said Alex Fanti, CTO of Fusion, “this platform has over 25 specific feature enhancements or additions, and it will enable us to do much more with the products in the future.”