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Capitol and Wilson Electronics Host Cellular Amp Webinar

To be held June 4, webinar will focus on business opportunities, technologies, short-term market goals, and more  around the cellular amp market for custom pros.

Capitol will join forces with Wilson Electronics on Tuesday, June 4, 10:00 AM EST/9:00 AM CST, to present a timely webinar on how custom professionals can build business by adding cellular improvements to their menu of specialties and services.

Hosted by Capitol’s technology sales specialist, Chris Scanlan, and featuring Brac Jenkins, national sales manager, Wilson Electronics, the webinar “What Are You Doing to Fix Your Client’s Cell Signal?” will focus on current and upcoming developments in technologies that improve cellular signals in homes and commercial facilities.

Wilson’s new WilsonPro Pro 1100, a recently introduced professional-grade cell signal amplifier, which offers continuous connectivity in up to a 35,000 square feet coverage area — never overloading or shutting down due to a strong outside cell signal.

Curt Hayes, Capitol’s president and CFO, says: “Custom professionals typically offer a selection of cellular amplifiers and similar products, but the market is exploding in such a way that there is a need to understand exactly how new products can increase profitability by offering demonstrable improvements in cellular reception, in any sized facility.”

Over the course of the webinar, Scanlan and Jenkins will focus on topical subjects, including causes of cellular connectivity problems, where cellular amplifiers fit in a custom pro’s arsenal of services, opportunities for building profitability, a solution overview, and more.

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