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Free Webinar: Managed Wi-Fi: Disruptive Potential for Support and Services

Parks Associates and Calix examine the current Wi-Fi challenges in the home.

The Managed Wi-Fi: Disruptive Potential for Support and Services webinar, co-hosted by Calix and Parks Associates, examines current challenges in the home as the broadband signal gets split among smart home, video streaming, work at home, and home schooling uses.

Parks Associates - Managed Wi-Fi

Speakers discuss current pain points for consumers and opportunities for service providers in both outreach and deployment to deliver a superior end-user experience and establish the framework to deploy and monetize future value-added services.

U.S. broadband households now own 14 connected devices on average, including smart home and connected CE, all of which likely use wireless signals and their own mobile app. These devices, alongside multiple video streaming accounts, strain both down- and upstream broadband speeds and can create a confusing and frustrating user experience. And no matter the cause of slow speeds or poor coverage, consumers generally will turn to their service providers for a solution.

These circumstances necessitate a proactive solution from service providers. Solutions such as managed Wi-Fi give provider and user insight into the home network and ways to improve performance. They also enable additional value-added services and a unified app to improve device value props and the overall end-user experience. With managed Wi-Fi, service providers essentially take greater responsibility for distributing wireless coverage in the home and assert their role as the provider of record for the home network.


  • Current ecosystem and challenges in the connected home, including the limitations of the current FCC broadband definition
  • Challenges with current use of wireless solutions in U.S. households, including impact of working, learning, and entertainment at home
  • Managed Wi-Fi as a solution to current support and connectivity challenges
  • Consumer interest in new services enabled by managed Wi-Fi, with enhanced reputation and new revenue potential for service providers

Speakers include Greg Owens, senior director, product marketing, Calix, and Elizabeth Parks, President, Parks Associates.

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