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Subtle Home Improvement

I am writing this the day after the chaos of having an entirely new roof put on my home. I started it yesterday, but the constant din from above and the sight of massive debris — a.k.a., the old roof — falling past my windows was too much of a distraction.

The team that came to do the job was professional, though. And although I won’t know for sure until the next heavy rain, it looks like they did top-notch work.

Still, despite the fine work and its high financial cost, it still looks like a roof. There was no big unveiling at the end of the job — I just walked around the house with one of the workers. Anyone who comes to the house will have no idea that I crushed my savings unless I point them toward the roof, which, again, looks like a roof.

New Roof
The new roof. The old roof is in the foreground.

I would have loved to have sunk the money into a new kitchen, or upped the home entertainment systems into a whole new territory, but, as any homeowner will tell you, if the roof isn’t doing a good job of keeping the outdoors from getting in, then all the cool stuff underneath won’t mean much.

That all this was happening while I was working on the second annual Showroom Issue of Resi was not lost on me. After all, having a killer showroom is about the WOW factor, which you just don’t get with roofs no matter how much you spend on them. I do love to see all the creativity you have put into your spaces, and this has become my favorite issue of the year — so many gorgeous shops that I would love to experience in person.

But, for now, I will let my WOW factor desires be satisfied by virtually looking into the thoughtful and dynamic showrooms featured in these pages, all while continuing to work from my dining room table.

At least I’ll be dry.