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2021 Showroom Showcase Gallery

A look at some stellar shop spaces from across the country that are used for showing and selling.

A look at some stellar shop spaces from across the country that are used for showing and selling.

Electronic Concepts

Showroom – Electronic Concepts

Location: Rochelle Park, NJ
Showroom Dimensions: 3500 sq. ft.
Brands Featured: Bowers & Wilkins, Magico, Meridian, Savant, Lutron, Dan D’agostino Hrs, Paradigm, Lyngdorf, USAI, James Loudspeakers, McIntosh, AudioQuest, JL Audio, Sim Audio
Fun Fact: We have a huge social media following on Instagram, and our owner races motorcyles as a hobby.

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Showroom – SoundWave

Location: Gladwyne, PA
Showroom Dimensions: 2000 sq. ft. (half showroom, half offices)
Brands Featured: Lutron, Seura, Leon Speakers, James Loudspeaker, Meridian, Dynaudio, AudioControl, Samsung, Sony, Salamander Designs, ELAN Home Systems, Future Automation; member of Azione Unlimited
Fun Fact: There are no windows in the space, however, Ketra lighting throughout brings the outside light indoors!

Cyber Technology Group

Showroom – Cyber Technology Group

Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Showroom Dimensions: 3300 sq. ft.
Brands Featured: Pro Audio Technology , Savant, Crestron,, Lutron, Access Networks, Ruckus, Sonance, Wisdom Audio, Leon Speakers, AudioControl, AudioQuest, Stewart Filmscreen, Screen Innovations, Cineak, Cinematech, Future Automation, Nexus 21, Sony, Kaleidescape, Planar; HTA Certified Estate level integration firm.
Fun Fact: We are a firm that believes that what we do every day actually makes our clients’ lives better! We are redefining technology, one experience at a time.

Storch Entertainment Systems

Showroom – Storch

Location: Winter Park, FL
Showroom Dimensions (in square feet):
980 sq. ft.
Brands Featured: Acurus, Cineak, Dmf, Epson, Kaleidescape, Lutron, Pro Audio Technology, Samsung Frame, Sonance, Sonos, Sony, Theory Audio Design
Fun Fact: Our showroom is in an almost constant state of upgrade, but the best (and most fun) upgrade we’ve done is to add Theory Audio Design and Pro Audio Technology speakers and amplifiers. The emotional impact that great sound brings to movies and concert videos cannot be overestimated. Our industry should be fun, and we have designed our showroom to be just that. In addition to a Theory 5.2.2 family room theater, we have a PRO 7.2.4 dedicated theater, a restored 1981 stand-up Centipede game, and a MAME gaming computer housed in a vintage X-Men console, along with a motorized bourbon bar, dual beer tap, and pool/ping pong table surrounded by movie and music memorabilia. Bring your dogs and have a drink on us!
Photo credit: Rickie Agapito, AOFOTOS

Audio Video Designs

Showroom – Audio Video Designs

Location: Westwood, MA
Showroom Dimensions: 1344 sq. ft.
Brands Featured: Epson, Sony, Lutron, Lyngdorf, Screen Innovations, Savant, Crestron, Access Networks, Samsung, Revel, Paradigm, Golden Ear, Sonance, Kaleidescape, Salamander, Vantage, Coastal Source
Fun Fact: Showroom regularly used for Wine Tastings by owner and wine connoisseur Brad Smith. The Epson projector on the 150-inch screen is the big hit of these events.

Aurum Home Technology

Showroom – Aurum

Location: Denver, CO
Showroom Dimensions: 4500 sq. ft.
Brands Featured: Savant, Lutron, Sonance, CAT, Sony, Crestron, Vantage, TruFig
Fun Fact: We designed the space to look more like a high-end money manager’s or attorney’s office, not an AV space. When we have walk-ins, the first thing they often ask is, “What do you do?”

Lutron’s NY|Global Experience Center

Showroom – Lutron

Location: New York, NY
Showroom Dimensions: 5500 sq. ft.
Brands Featured: Lutron Controls, Lutron Shades, Ketra
Fun Fact: Lutron’s NY|Global Experience Center is designed to meet WELL V2 Platinum Certification.

Gilmore’s Sound Advice

Showroom - Gilmore

Location: New York, NY
Showroom Dimensions: 5000 sq. ft.
Brands Featured: Amina, AudioControl, Barco, Brinkmann, Cineak, Cyviz Clipso ColorBeam, Electric Mirror, Guilford of Maine, Hearth Cabinet, Henry Richardson Sculpture, Jesse Nelson Studio, JM Lifestyles,, Leon, Lutron Lighting and Shades, Media Décor, Meridian, Middle Atlantic, Planar, Savant, Steinway Lyngdorf, Stewart, Sony, Totem, Triad
Fun Fact: GSA invites any integrator who is an authorized dealer for our showroom’s contributing manufacturers to come with their clients to demo products and enjoy our space. This has led to many 2:00 AM “we should really call it a night” stumbles home. We are providing the down payments for ConEd executives’ vacation homes. GSA has 80 amps allocated for our main AV racks, and a whopping 120 amps solely for our Planar displays! This does not include the 20 amps dedicated to each individual room.

ProSource Lighting Technology and Learning Center at the Dallas Market Center

Showroom - ProSource Lighting

Location: Dallas, TX
Showroom Dimensions: 2250 sq. ft.
Brands Featured: Proluxe by American Lighting, Colorbeam Lighting, DMF Lighting, Savant/USAI, Vantage, and AiSPiRE
Fun Fact: The customized space was designed by David Warfel and Mark Langston, both of Light Can Help You, a lighting design firm and exclusive ProSource partner for education. The space was initially conceived as the hands-on live Level 2 curriculum to the exclusive ProSource Lighting Technology Certification program launched earlier this year through ProSource University. The space will also provide an opportunity for Dallas Market Center retail and design-build customers to learn about lighting applications and advancements in an immersive setting. The Dallas Market Center is also home to popular trade shows such as LightOvation, which welcomes customers from around the world. The space features multiple residential rooms showcasing smart home systems and devices for the benefit of ProSource members with the support of the vendor partners. In addition to hosting live ProSource Lighting Certification training sessions, the space will also be available for individual ProSource members and vendor sponsors to host exclusive influencer and customer events. The space will also be utilized for creating video demonstrations for online learning.

Diode Technologies

Showroom - Diode

Location: Lincoln, NE
Showroom Dimensions: Diode Technologies Showroom – 2400 sq. ft.; Condo Showroom – 1400 sq. ft.
Brands Featured:, Atlona, Araknis, Artison Speakers, AV Pro, Barco, Epson, ICRealtime, J Geiger,, LG, Octane Seating, Openpath, Origin Acoustics, QMotion, Rayva, Rhombus, Samsung, Savant, Screen Innovations, Seura, SunBrite, WAC Lighting, Zultys, USAI Lighting
Fun Fact: Our parent company, Diller Telephone Company, has been family-owned and operated for 122 years. Founded in 1899, Diller Telephone started by providing phone service to its customers and eventually created Diode Cable Company in 1982 to bring cable TV to the area. Diode Communications was then founded in 2005 to provide wireless high-speed internet service to rural Nebraska and is now deploying fiber to the home in local areas. The most recent subsidiary, Diode Technologies, was founded in 2011 as an emerging technology company and now operates out of both Lincoln and Diller, NE. Although our roots run deep, our focus on customer experience and our passion for technology remain consistent.

Savant Experience Center, SoHo NYC

Showroom – Savant

Location: New York, NY
Showroom Dimensions: 8000 sq. ft.
Brands Featured: Savant, GE Lighting, Artison, Noon Home
Fun Fact: Savant’s NYC Experience Center is located on the third floor of what is fondly known as the “Little Singer Building” in SoHo, designed by NY architect Ernest Flagg. Inside the Experience Center, visitors will enjoy a demonstration of connected technologies including the most advanced tunable LED lighting, climate control, window treatments, and whole-house entertainment, as well as a comprehensive energy lab that highlights efficiency and grid independence.

Cagenio Home Technology

Showroom – Cagenio

Location: Roxbury, CT
Showroom Dimensions: 1250 sq. ft.
Brands Featured: Epson, KEF, SI, Control4, Classé, Parasound, Marantz/Denon, Sonance, Salamander, Hunter Douglas, Lutron, Coastal Source, Ubiquiti
Fun Fact: Cagenio has a working scale-model swimming pool in the showroom to demo pool automation

Paragon Sight & Sound

Showroom – Paragon

Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Showroom Dimensions: 4800 sq. ft.
Brands Featured: McIntosh Labs Inc., Sonus faber, Audio Research, Wilson Audio, D’Agostino, dCS, Transparent Audio
Fun Fact: We are the only U.S. retailer with a World of McIntosh Experience Center in our showroom.

Theater Advice

Showroom – Theater Advice

Location: Frisco, TX
Showroom Dimensions: 2300 sq.ft.
Brands Featured: Screen Innovations, Bowers & Wilkins, Martin Logan, McIntosh, Salamander Designs, Epson, Samsung, Triad, United Leather, Klipsch, Dali
Fun Fact: This is our second showroom. It is set up in such a way that clients can easily visualize the stuff in their home. We sell through experience and design. The two salespeople at the store have a combined 54 years of experience.

Ui Supplies AV & Electrical

Showroom – UI Supplies

Location: Ramsey, New Jersey
Showroom Dimensions: 4000 sq. ft.
Brands Featured: Samsung, LG, Lutron, Sonos, KEF, Yamaha, Ring, Google, Apple, RTI, Legrand, Nortek, ELAN, Kichler Lighting, Peerless, A2V, Vanco
Fun Fact: The Ui Supplies team recently completed their March Bracket Challenge. The winner of the challenge will have the opportunity to attend the 2022 Final Four in New Orleans.

AV Science

Showroom – AV Science

Location: Rochester, NY
Showroom Dimensions: 1000 sq. ft.
Brands Featured: Epson, JVC, Sony, Denon, Denon, Marantz, Definitive Technology, Lumagen, SVS, GIK Acoustics, Stewart Filmscreen, Control4, Crestron, Triad, Logitech, PakEdge, Crimsom, Chief, Salamander seating
Fun Fact: A pioneer in online forums since 1999, AV Science’s current online AV discussion group can be found at

Digital Home Designs

Showrrom – Digital Home Designs

Location: Columbus, OH
Showroom Dimensions: 4000 sq. ft.
Brands Featured: Epson, Salamander, Sonos, Control4, SnapAV, Focal, Marantz, Cary Audio, Naim, Martin Logan
Fun Fact: We just finished up renovations in two areas that feature Epson projectors and an amazing 2 channel demo!