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High-Performance Choice

A conversation with projectiondesign llc president gary plavin

Founded eight years ago in Fredrikstad, Norway, projectiondesign has begun to gain traction in the U.S. market thanks to a changing video manufacturing landscape and the leadership vision of Gary Plavin, president of projectiondesign LLC Americas. At CES, Plavin and his international team showcased their avielo series, which offers professional-grade features like Phillips UHP VIDI lamp technology, projectiondesign’s exclusive RealColor

projectiondesign’s new “Etruscan bronze” exterior finish complements the avielo projector’s streamlined industrial design. color management suite, Texas Instruments’ DLP technology, full 10-bit processing, custom-designed optics, and HDMI 1.3 interconnectivity. Plavin recently took a moment to answer some questions about the economy and his company’s new flagship line.

What is the bright spot in the economy for projectiondesign?
Dealers are clearly appreciating the manner that we support them with our commitment to clean and exclusive distribution that keeps their margins and profits very high. And, we have the right price points for the core of the performance projector marketplace.

Aside from current economic conditions, what is your most challenging goal as a video projection company in the North American market?
As an OEM manufacturer, projectiondesign is the designer and builder of the best DLP projectors in the pro and residential markets today with numerous reputable brands under our umbrella. Growing the projectiondesign brand name in the U.S. residential home cinema market as the highperformance choice is clearly our focus today.

As an international company, do you find the challenges specific to your product category to be much different in North America versus other markets around the world?
No, not

“On all fronts, relationships, service, support, and product performance are more critical than marketing and specsmanship.” —Gary Plavin, President, projectiondesign Americas LLC really. On all fronts, relationships, service, support, and product performance are more critical than marketing and specsmanship.

Over the past 12 months, what’s your top achievement in the North American market?
The 2009 opening of the California Academy of Science Museum showcasing the “water wall” and special exhibits installations in San Francisco truly showcase projectiondesign’s technology, flexibility, and 24/7 performance capabilities. Also the launch of our new avielo brand with the debut and shipment of the line’s flagship helios threechip projector that is a radically new and significant technology from any other three-chip produced today.

Let’s talk about your new avielo series of projectors. What makes them special and what’s your value proposition for dealers in the home theater market?
avielo was designed and built for the residential HD home cinema projection marketplace with a picture depth and clarity that can’t be beat. With a complete line of projection solutions for room environment hurdles from mounting constraints to ambient light challenges, avielo has the perfect model for every situation and installation. And avielo does it profitably.