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Mounts and Enclosures Spotlight 2019

Showing support for the things that give us support.

The very nature of racks and enclosures keep them from the limelight — the behind-the-scenes heroes that literally support the system. Clients typically don’t ask about them or even want to see them, but they are crucial to the efficiency of the entire installation. Here, we take a look a look at some relatively recent additions to the product genre that will provide the structure you need, and maybe even get the client’s attention.

Middle Atlantic Slim C3 Series Credenza
Speaking of getting the client’s attention, Middle Atlantic Products’ credenza solutions can be installed right out in the open, as they are designed to match any décor and installation. Building off of the popular C5 series, the company has introduced two models — the slim-profile C3 AV credenza and the 22-inch-deep C5 credenza.

The C3 Series credenza boasts a 10-inch-deep profile that marries modern aesthetics with an ADA-compliant design and Middle Atlantic’s signature rack frame and flexible equipment mounting options. This credenza presents integrators with a furniture solution that complements any décor, ensuring that customers have the style they desire while installers are assured that equipment is protected.

Legrand On-Q Flat Screen TV Pro Power and Cable Management Kits
Legrand’s On-Q Flat Screen TV Pro Power and Cable Management Kits provide installers with everything needed to safely extend power to wall-mounted displays and accompanying devices, while neatly concealing power and AV cables inside the wall.

Each in-wall kit includes a power input module with a drywall bracket and 6-foot power cord. Offered in white to blend in with a home’s décor, the module’s decorator power inlet strap provides the flexibility of ganging other connections. Each kit’s power output module includes a 6-foot UL-rated power cable. A tamper-resistant outlet with a recessed design accommodates almost any type of power plug, including right angles and wall warts, while a bush strap opening allows for the connection of AV cables.

Available kits include the HT22U2-WH-R6 with a white output module and the HT22U2-BK-R6 with a black output module that blends in with TV mounts and hides cable connections. The HT22U2-WH-R6C features a white output module and includes two 10-foot in-wall-rated premium HDMI cables. Certified to the HDMI 2.0b specification, the cables support UHD 4K, HDR, Deep Color, ARC, and Ethernet.

On-Q Flat Screen TV Pro Power and Cable Management Kits by Legrand are available at MSRPs of $59.99 for the HT22U2-WH-R6 and HT22U2-BK-R6, and $79.99 for the HT22U2-WH-R6C.

Lowell LER-1822 Enclosed Rack
The Lowell LER-1822 is an 18U x 22-inch D stand-alone floor rack with adjustable rails made with fully welded 16-gauge steel, with a 14-gauge base, and reinforced at all load-bearing junctions.

The EIA/TIA/RoHS compliant, stand-alone floor rack’s overall measurements are 37.625 inches high x 22 inches deep x 23.06 inches wide with panel space of 18 rack units. Load capacity is 500 lbs. The rack includes a recessed rear door with vents and key lock, welded side panels with vents, steel top with vents, open base with grounding stud, one pair adjustable front mounting rails with printed RU increments, combination knockouts above and below rear door, and provisions to mount an optional surface-mount front door or rear rails (ordered separately).

The rack is manufactured in the U.S.A. with certified U.S. steel and has a black wrinkle powder epoxy finish. It is UL listed to UL2416, and has an MSRP of $731.36.


VMP Cable Management Options
Video Mount Products (VMP) recently introduced its 27U and 42U cable management options for its floor rack enclosures. VMP’s ERENVCM-27 and ERENVCM-42 help keep wire bundles organized and sorted as they feed into the rack equipment. Both are made from ABS and steel and include a removable plate for easier mounting of cables.

The 27U ERENVCM-27 (MSRP: $147.00) mounts into VMP’s EREN-27, EREN-27E, and EREN-27E1K equipment rack enclosures, while the 42U ERENVCM-42 (MSRP: $159.00) mounts into VMP’s EREN-42E and EREN-42E1K equipment rack enclosures.

Peerless-AV Heavy Duty Universal Projector Mounts
Peerless-AV’s Heavy Duty Universal Projector Mounts (PJR125 and PJR125-POR) support a wide range of projector models, including laser projectors, large venue projectors, and heavy LCD/LED projectors. The mounts also accommodate projectors weighing up to 125 lbs., with the PJR125-POR model being the only mount on the market that supports portrait-mounted projectors weighing over 75 lbs, according to the company.

Peerless-AV’s projector mounts feature a low-profile design and Hook-and-Hang feature to help installers when securing the projector and making adjustments. The mounts include six universal legs (four pre-installed) that provide additional support for projectors with more than four mounting holes and are completely adjustable.

Both mounts contain a universal adaptor plate that extends up to a 25.5-inch mounting pattern to accommodate most projector models. In addition, the mounts’ tilt, roll, and swivel features are all lockable to prevent even the smallest shift in image. Plus, cable management allows cables to be routed through the mount and out of sight.

SANUS Soundbar Mount for Sonos Beam
The SANUS Soundbar Mount Designed for Sonos Beam integrates Beam with mounted TVs. The SANUS mount for Beam provides 12 inches of height adjustment to ensure an ideal fit between Beam and the bottom of a mounted TV. The product’s Smart Latch allows for speaker height adjustment with just the touch of a finger — no disassembly or tools required.

Compatible with SANUS TV mounts and other mount brands, the SANUS mount for Beam works with a large range of TV sizes — up to 70 inches — and features broad VESA compatibility. When paired with a full-motion TV mount, the SANUS mount allows Beam to move with the TV for an optimal listening experience.

Constructed of light-weight steel and available in a black finish, the mount virtually disappears behind Beam. Developed in partnership with Sonos, the SANUS mount for Beam is custom-fit to Beam, ensuring unobstructed access to speaker ports.

PowerHouse Alliance A2V Mounts
Available exclusively from PowerHouse Alliance distributor members, A2V Mounts come in various sizes to accommodate flat screen TVs up to 70 inches. Integrators can choose from three configurations: standard fixed mounts, mounts with tilt and swivel capabilities, or mounts with full arm motion. All mounts include post-install leveling. For added value, PowerHouse Alliance supports dealers and integrators with the A2V rebate program. When a dealer’s previous quarter’s A2V’s purchases exceed $500, they qualify and receive an automatic 10 percent rebate/credit on all A2V products purchased during that quarter.

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