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Home Theater


Full Circle Sound

WSDG - Walters-Stork Design Group applies the lessons learned in building world-class recording studios to ultra high-end home theaters.


The Source Matters

If you play cheap content, it’s not going to sound good. This is just as important a part of the client education process as...


Picking the Right Speakers

My purpose here is to help you pick speakers that will generally sound better in your installations, and will generate more client satisfaction, with...


Home Theater Checkup Time

It’s still pretty rare for me to encounter an integrator that provides regularly scheduled system checkups. We need more folks to jump on this...


Trust, but Verify Video

You need to have a systematic approach to verifying the audio and video performance of your installations–using reliable test vectors and documenting the resulting...


Connecting the Dots

One of the biggest challenges facing our industry is finding a way to simplify connectivity and control for the sophisticated systems that we design...


Debugging and Tuning

It happened again. I went to configure and calibrate a home theater and ran into a quagmire of unexpected issues that caused a failure...


Projection Reflections

The first time I saw a digital projector that I thought might give multi-stacked Sony or Runco 9-inch CRTs a run for their money...


Unlimited Bass

I was chatting with an integrator at CEDIA who reads this column, and we went through various topics until the conversation ultimately turned to...


Trust But Verify

During the last year, you’ve installed super-high-impact, allegedly reliable home theaters for your favorite clients.