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Making Introductions

A selection of first-time exhibitors at CEDIA Expo — and why you should visit their booths.

Each year a number of new companies make the decision to exhibit at CEDIA Expo for the first time because they recognize the value of the custom install marketplace and want to get on the radar of residential integrators. To help them along — and to help installers find new products and services that can help them help their customers — we are presenting this profile of participating first-time exhibitors.

We asked them to answer these three key questions:

  • WHO are you?
  • WHAT products/services are you brining to CEDIA Expo?
  • WHY should custom installers visit your booth?

Here are their replies.


CIWare Labs Inc; Booth #3457

WHO: CIWare Labs develops software server and design tools specifically for custom control, automation, and monitoring applications. Targeting the professional custom integrator, the company is focused on helping CI’s embrace the new world of the Internet of Things (IoT) while leaning forward into Open Systems. There are technical, economic and compatibility advantages to open systems: We are committed to harnessing these advantages for CIs, while at the same time providing compatibility with legacy tools and devices.

WHAT: Most CIs know that the industry has transitioned to an era where services are increasingly driving revenue and profit. We at CIWare Labs believe that software will play an increasing role in this new paradigm. By arming CIs with better software and a modernized workflow, we expand their technology and strategic options and help them design and build systems that better meet their client’s needs.

Inprem is CIWare Labs’ flagship product line. The inprem Server is a software platform optimized for installation on the client’s LAN: With this architecture we reduce dependency on an always-on Internet and improve the end user’s privacy and security. We have a scalable enterprise caliber web application stack that is built on Linux and readily runs on low-cost hardware such as a Raspberry pi.

WHY: The inprem Design Tools include professional-grade device and site hierarchy management modules, as well as command mapping and the iAL programming language. Inprem Design Tools allow you to create your own applications and run them in a secure robust environment. Focused on interoperability, inprem features a REST API that assures you a clean integration with a variety of UIs, hardware devices, and other software applications.

Do you have a customer seeking a solution that your current toolset just can’t quite handle? Let inprem help you connect with an obscure device, create a unique control or automation, and provide the exact user experience that your most discriminating client is asking for. Stop by our booth in Innovation Alley and sign up to receive a significant discount on the inprem product, available only to those attending CEDIA Expo. Manufacturers and CIs alike should come by for a product demonstration.


doqxD, Booth #3355

WHO: doqxD is a manufacturer of accessory products for smart home devices — we design, manufacture, and provide residential and AV installers with a complete smart home installation product line and support network. We are led by a team with over 25 years of experience in consumer and commercial products manufacturing.

WHAT: At CEDIA, we are showcasing both our Smart Home Pro Program, a complete product ordering and support system for helping residential and AV installers with selling and installing smart home products, and introducing our doqxD line of accessory products custom designed for the Google Home ecosystem. If your customers have been asking about how to setup a complete Google Home integration in their home, we will show you how to address their needs and offer a complete product and service solution.

WHY: At CEDIA, we will be providing free workshops on how to teach your customers how to setup a Google Home ecosystem in their house. Sample topics include “How to Connect Google Home to Lighting, Security, and More” and “How to Setup Google Home.” For first-time buyers, we will provide exclusive savings on multi-unit orders and discounts on extended support plans.


DoubleRadius, Inc.; Booth #4250

WHO: Established in 2001, DoubleRadius, Inc. is a value-added master distributor of WiFi devices, video surveillance cameras, LED lighting, motion detection, and power accessories. We also provide a variety of wireless equipment that operates in both license-free and licensed bands, including 5G, LTE, and TVWS. Beyond supplying products from leading vendors, we also offer software, support services, training, financing, and additional resources.

WHAT: Innovative wireless devices, including WiFi access points, video/audio surveillance cameras, LED lighting, motion detection, and power accessories.

WHY: Visit DoubleRadius in booth # 4250 to learn how innovative devices can be connected over a unified WiFi home or office network, creating a completely connected solution. Plus learn about our show-only specials.


Gryphon Online Safety, Inc.; Booth #3156

WHO: Gryphon Online Safety is committed to creating innovative, easy-to-use, and effective solutions to make the Internet safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Starting with our Gryphon PLUS18, we have a secure mesh WiFi router available with 100 Malware Protection, full parental controls over any or all devices — and Intrusion detection/protection — for all your devices, including everything IoT.

WHAT: Gryphon Plus18 Secure Mesh Router

WHY: There are more VARs getting into the “physical security” segment for homes and SMB, and we are providing them the opportunity to secure the digital footprint at the same time.


Inception Innovations; Booth #3159

WHO: Inception Innovations is a leading manufacturer of high quality lighting channel raceway solutions and control technology. As a successful innovator with several patents issued and pending in the lighting and lighting control industry, we push boundaries and create solutions for everyday problems with our forward thinking, user-friendly technology and products.

WHAT: Our patented LumaTrax linear lighting solutions are surface mounted, paintable, and appear as decorative trim that makes adding linear lighting almost anywhere possible. LumaTrax eliminates the need for drywall or electrical work and feature integrated wire management, making it perfect for concealing speaker, camera, or other cables.

WHY: Consider adding a new profit center to your AV (visual) product offering with LumaTrax, which eliminates the need for electrical or drywall work in order to offer accent lighting.


Konnected, Inc.; Booth #3554

WHO: Konnected is a startup based in Orlando, FL and founded by Silicon Valley software engineer Nate Clark. Our flagship product, the Konnected Alarm Panel, successfully launched on Kickstarter in 2017 and has since upgraded tens of thousands of wired alarm systems worldwide to work seamlessly with home automation platforms. Our philosophy is that home security is an integral component of the smart home, and that homeowners should be able to monitor and control their home using the platform of their choice without being tied into expensive monitoring contracts or subscription-based access plans.

WHAT: At CEDIA we’re unveiling to the public our first major hardware update since our launch — the Konnected Alarm Panel v2 and Konnected Alarm Panel Pro. Both products enable homeowners with wired alarm systems to upgrade and revive their alarm system to work seamlessly and natively with popular home automation platforms. With Konnected you can reuse all of the existing wired sensors in the home, including door sensors, window sensors, motion sensors, and smoke detectors for use with home automation and make your home’s alarm system smart.

The Konnected Alarm Panel v2 is our entry-level WiFi-enabled alarm panel, and the Konnected Alarm Panel Pro is geared toward professional integrators and automation enthusiasts featuring both WiFi and Ethernet connectivity to a variety of connected home platforms.

WHY: We’re launching our dealer program and pricing for our new products at CEDIA and we’re actively looking for integrators and installation partners to help bring Konnected to more homes around the world. At our booth we’ll be demonstrating the new Konnected Alarm Panel v2 and Pro in our model smart home. Dealers will get benefits, including referrals/leads from our website and pricing up to 40 percent off retail.


Powershades; Booth #3428

WHO: Powershades is a leading provider of customized, manual, and automated window coverings for residential, commercial, and hospitality applications that are easy to install, integrate, operate, and maintain. Company founders Jason Turner and Ryan Chacon bring over 50 years of combined experience in furniture automation and product innovation and development to this market. Powershades offers window coverings with a wide range of operating methods, including AC powered, RF, solar powered, and the new PoE solution. Powershades products are sold through distributors and representatives throughout the U.S. and Canada.

WHAT: Powershades will introduce the industry’s first line of power over Ethernet (PoE) automated window shades. These new automated window shades, powered by a reliable, quiet PoE motor, bring increased flexibility, ease of installation, and potential cost savings to Powershades’s automated window coverings. With the PoE version of Powershades’s automated shades, a single run of Cat5 cable provides both power and communication. The use of a single network cable means there is no proprietary hard wiring necessary. Also, since the new PoE motor is low voltage (under 50 V AC), it does not require the services of a licensed electrician or special certifications, reducing installation expense and time. With power coming from a single, central source, more information can be transferred on the network cable while improving reliability over traditional RF solutions.

WHY: Powershades will be offering a number of programs for dealers, particularly related to hew PoE product.


Powersoft; Booth #335

WHO: Powersoft is a leader in lightweight, high-power, single rack space, energy-efficient amplifier platforms for the professional audio market. Founded in Italy in 1995, headquartered in Florence, Italy, with offices in Kearny, NJ, Powersoft’s amplifiers can be found in an array of markets, ranging from cinema, theme parks, conference rooms, residential, and resorts to sporting arenas, performance venues, airports, convention centers, churches, and clubs.

WHAT: Mezzo is not the first compact amplifier, but it’s a scaled-down real professional amplifier design based on Powersoft’s proven discrete Class D technology that has been shrunk to less than half its previous size. The small power supply models can deliver 80/160 W per channel into 2, 4, 8, or 16 ohms, as well as 100, 70 or 25V. The channels have headroom for power-sharing, so each channel can deliver 320 W into 4-/8-ohm as well as 70/100V. This means one model can drive zones of varying sizes and late design changes can be made in the field regarding zone size and power without having to change the equipment choice.

WHY: Powersoft has gained a strong reputation for reliable, efficient, good sounding amplifiers with very high power and channel density. Our offering has made them the favorite choice for many system designers and integrators working with systems requiring 200 W and more per channel. We do however recognize that there are many designers and integrators that seldom more than 250 W and often can make do with as little as 30 W on a channel. We have therefore created a new compact amplifier family called Mezzo to cover this.

The advanced DSP comes as standard in Mezzo models. It allows for in-depth sound processing, allowing users to tailor the sound to the specific requirements of the install. Dante is available on AD versions, allowing for clever signal routing. The extra RJ45 connector in the AD versions allows multiple networking modes. The auto-setup function is a failproof method to quickly match Mezzo to any speaker.


SIIG Inc.; Booth #2958

WHO: Connectivity you can trust for IT and AV. Built on core values of professional integrity with customer satisfaction as the focal point, we are committed to providing excellent service, support, and solutions. We want to enhance and provide innovative product solutions to transform the way we interact with technology in the future.

WHAT: 4×4 HDMI 2.0 4K HDR Matrix Switch with Amazon Alexa Voice Control and 4×4 HDMI Matrix + Video-Wall Processor are our main product demos. We will be displaying other residential AV products for extenders, splitters, switchers, audio, test equipment, and wireless solutions.

WHY: SIIG Inc. is backed by more than 30 years of computer hardware experience and we are excited to showcase our professional AV solutions at CEDIA Expo 2019. Smart and initiative residential solutions to help you feel more at home. Our team will personally work with you to come up with custom solutions if needed. Custom firmware updates as needed. Hassle-free warranty with at least a two-year warranty on all AV products and some having a three-year warranty. All products are lab tested and verified at our Fremont, CA office.

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