LeisureTech Receives A-BUS Patent for the U.S.

News strengthens A-BUS position as innovators of Cat-5 audio solutions.
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Rosebery, NSW Australia--Seven years after filing and 18 months after receiving notice of its allowance by the U.S. Patent Office, LeisureTech Electronics has received U.S. patent no. 7,181,023 for its A-BUS technology. LeisureTech, inventors of the multi-room audio solution, already holds patents for A-BUS in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Mexico.

Andrew Goldfinch, founder of LeisureTech and co-inventor of A-BUS technology, commented, This is very welcome news indeed and it certainly reaffirms our long-held belief that A-BUS is a truly compelling idea. Over the last seven years, LeisureTech and our partners have successfully marketed the many benefits of A-BUS technology throughout the world. Having the actual U.S. patent in hand will further strengthen the A-BUS platform as the standard for affordable multi-room audio.

A-BUS is a technology for multi-room audio that utilizes a single Category 5 cable to carry signal, data, infrared, status, and power. This approach places the amplifiers closer to the speakers, enabling superior sound quality, increased flexibility, simpler installation, consumer-friendly operation, energy savings and greater affordability.

One of the key benefits to A-BUS technology, according to LeisureTech, is that it is virtually plug and play so that any A-BUS product will work with another, regardless of brand. A-BUS is currently licensed to more than 15 leading companies with various and diverse product offerings in the multi-room audio category.