ADI Now Offers Ventra Video Surveillance Solutions

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The VDR-700 vehicle recorder from Ventra Technology, now offered by ADI

ADI Global Distribution has added Ventra Technology, a provider of mobile Video Surveillance products and services, to its video surveillance product offerings.

The product line includes a three-channel HD recorder with built-in GPS, a ruggedized hybrid five-channel 720p HD mobile DVR, and a dual 1080p wearable body camera with built-in LCD screen for law enforcement and security agencies.

The flagship VDR-700 3CH HD vehicle recorder with built-in passive GPS and HD cameras, continuously records 720p HD video, audio, route, and speed history. An embedded G-sensor detects and records sudden acceleration, braking, and impact that are automatically categorized in the system. With an optional third camera and LCD monitor, the VDR provides additional recording for cargo area, passenger safety, or rear-view viewing, all of which can be managed through Ventra software platform.

Optional cloud management for the VDR-700 offers real-time telematics of vehicle tracking, auto event video upload, and remote live video viewing through LTE cell transmission. The integrated platform provides enhanced safety and efficiency for vehicle management.

The Ventra BCR-300 is a compact HD wearable body camera, which records 1080p HD audio and video. With its external lapel 1080p HD camera, the BCR can be used either as a standard uniform-worn recorder, or worn on the belt to reduce weight and fatigue. Equipped with auto cut IR illuminators, the system records high definition video in low-light conditions. All of which can be viewed instantly through the built-in LCD screen. The BCR is designed to meet the needs of law enforcement, security, and private sector applications.

Over the next few weeks, select ADI branches will begin stocking and offering these mobile recording solutions from Ventra Technology.