AiN Group Establishes Random Acts of Kindness Initiative

Alliance of Low Voltage Contractors Declares Encourages Members’ Beneficence on April 28
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The founder and president of AiN Group, a national alliance of low-voltage contractors serving the residential and commercial building industries, has tasked his individual members to carry out random acts of kindness on April 28—“Pay It Forward Day”—and he is challenging them to prove it.

“The kindness of AiN Group Dealers will make a difference on April 28, whether it’s buying a stranger’s coffee, donating to a worthy cause, or simply smiling at someone having a bad day. But our dealers can’t stop there,” said AiN founder and president Stan Matysiak. “Through the AiN Can Initiative, we’re asking them to go several steps further and tag their act of kindness on social media with the tags #payitforwardday and #aincan, and then call out at least one other AiN Dealer or Partner to do a random act of kindness.”

This AiN Can Initiative challenges industry peers and direct competitors alike to team up to create the largest ripple effect throughout Pay It Forward Day.

While the foundation of Pay It Forward Day is difficult to pinpoint, the concept gained significant notoriety in 2007, after Oprah Winfrey’s “Pay It Forward” project and numerous news outlets, such as Good Morning America, CBS’s The Early Show, Fox News, and CBS Evening News, covered the story.

Pay It Forward Day is now recognized each year on the last Thursday in April, with various businesses and individuals “paying forward” small and large acts of kindness to inspire the recipients of an act of kindness to do the same for someone else.

“Kindness and integrity aren’t simply core values we include in our mission statement and then forget about,” Matysiak said. “We handpick the dealers for inclusion in AiN Group based in no small part on their honesty and credibility with customers. Pay It Forward Day and the AiN Can Initiative are ideal ways to extend that same approach to people outside of our business circles.”