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Apollo Enclosures Master Outdoor TV Viewing

A stylistically self-assured presence, a slim silhouette and quality feature-sets — this is what Apollo believes will help its new environmental TV enclosures stand out from the crowd.

A stylistically self-assured presence, a slim silhouette and quality feature-sets — this is what Apollo believes will help its new environmental TV enclosures stand out from the crowd.

The new Apollo environmental TV enclosures combine a thin, contemporary profile to accommodate the latest models of 39”-50” LED/LCD televisions with modern luxury, safety, and affordability. At its debut entrance in the outdoor marketplace, Apollo further distinguishes itself by including a weather-proof articulating wall mount or adjustable ceiling mount as standard equipment. The enclosure colors are stocked in black and available in white, silver, and bronze as an upgrade.

Affordable: Consummating the Deal without Breaking the Bank

Apollo enclosures are available in two popular sizes that fit most 39”- 42” LED/LCD televisions for $895 MSRP and 46”-50” LED/LCD televisions for $995 MSRP. Available accessories include a pole mount for deck or planter installations, heater modules for areas where temperatures dip below -20°F, and dust covers to preserve the aesthetics of your enclosure for years.

“Our enclosures are the perfect answer for dealers who need reliable and cost-effective solutions for their customers, ultimately correcting a vast imbalance of unsafe installations of indoor televisions outdoors, where they were not designed or intended for that use,” said Lynn Stearn, Apollo Enclosures president and founder. “These environmental TV enclosures are designed to provide the impressive viewing quality and weather-proof features required to extend the life of indoor flat panel TVs in the great outdoors; in style and at an MSRP that will most certainly fit within any budget.”

The Exterior: Profile of Perfect Proportions

The enclosures are designed combining a powder coated aluminum body with anti- reflective safety glass that protects the customers LED/LCD TV and improves contrast while significantly reducing ambient reflection. Tight-seal technology securely seals and protects the customers LED/LCD TV from rain, snow, dirt, insects and other outdoor elements. The angled speaker ports, sported at the base of the enclosure, deflect the audio from the typical design of back and down firing speakers, common in most LED/LCD TVs, to front firing for a better sound experience. The 9’ outdoor rated power cord provides the necessary safety for power in the outdoor environment and the water- tight cable cover affords easy entry for connecting to the TV’s multiple input and output ports. The weatherproof articulating and tilting wall mount allows for 19” of extension delivering a panoramic viewing experience from almost anywhere. The sleek, tapering profile of less than 4.5” in depth embodies the visual effect of modern refinement in the outdoor enclosure industry.

The Interior: Concise Form and Function Fuse into a Perfect Unity

The interior design of the Apollo enclosure is an expression of simplicity. An efficiency of internal climate control in the filtered, thermostatically controlled air circulation fan that keeps the housing cool in temperatures up to 122 °F combined with a 3-outlet internal power bank for TV, fan control, and optional accessories. Selectable TV mounting points allow for the proper positioning of included mounting brackets and spacers adapting to the varying VESA patterns of TVs to command solid placement inside the cabinet. A finishing touch includes trim-elements to frame the smaller TVs for each enclosure.

Catch Apollo at CEDIA EXPO in Booth #1254.