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At ISE: RTI Shows New Control Products

From sophisticated controllers to an audio distribution system to professional-grade IR emitters and more, the latest additions to RTI's lineup to be shown at ISE 2010 will showcase the company's commitment to custom installers. ST-7 Universal Controller RTI's ST-7 two-way-enabled controller features a bright and

From sophisticated controllers to an audio distribution system to professional-grade IR emitters and more, the latest additions to RTI’s lineup to be shown at ISE 2010 will showcase the company’s commitment to custom installers.

ST-7 Universal Controller

RTI’s ST-7 two-way-enabled controller features a bright and bold 7-inch widescreen LCD display with an integrated multitouch capacitive touch screen. For simplified navigation and Wi-Fi Web browsing, the ST-7 integrates a trackball and customizable backlight coloring to indicate different functions while 13 configurable hard buttons provide intuitive control. An integrated microphone and stereo speakers are designed to support intercom over IP. Utilizing ZigBee RF technology, the ST-7 is capable of two-way communication with a wide variety of electronic devices including thermostats, lighting control, security, audio/video distribution systems, and media servers. This sleek tablet combines powerful controls and great looks with the flexibility of multiple docking options for wireless, in-wall, or tabletop configurations. The premium docks also feature an electronic locking mechanism, with password protection, for added security against unauthorized use or removal.

RTI’s RK-10 In-Wall Controller

RK-10 In-Wall Controller

The RK-10 offers the size, power, and flexibility required in sophisticated installations and perfectly fits any environment, whether it’s the boardroom, MDU, or kitchen. Featuring an impressive 10.2-inch TFT widescreen LCD touch screen, the RK-10 operates as a flat-panel PC running Windows Embedded Standard OS, with a powerful Intel Atom processor to allow for multitasking in control, Web browsing, document viewing, and more. However, the RK-10 goes further with a fully programmable and intuitive user interface courtesy of RTI’s Integration Designer® software. For complete control, a built-in wired and wireless (802.11 b/g) Ethernet connection allows access to video from network security cameras, music or video playback, control from hard drive servers, and much more.

AD-4 Four-Zone Distributed Audio Matrix Switcher

Acting as an extension to RTI’s control systems, the AD-4 offers a low-cost and very effective solution for distributing music in a residential or commercial installation. Containing both matrix switching pre-amp and a built-in power amplifier, the AD-4 offers the flexibility to augment four local source inputs with four remote source inputs, such as a bedroom CD player, iPod docking station, or an office PC. For a simple, clean installation, a single Cat-5 cable connects the remote source’s audio and infrared signals to the AD-4. To meet the needs of larger projects, the matrix switcher can be expanded to eight zones by cascading two units together.

vIRsa Mouse IR Emitter

This is the ultimate IR emitter, built with the professional integrator in mind and providing simplified, smooth installations and high reliability. The low-profile vIRsa is unobtrusive and adjusts to any installation environment with a flexible film adhesive that conforms to curved surfaces. For fast troubleshooting, a separate holder remains attached, allowing easy removal and replacement of the emitter. A blue LED flasher offers increased visibility but may be hidden during normal operation. In addition, a translucent PCB improves the integrity of electrical connections while a built-in resistor protects against over-driving.

Virtual Panel

Any PC with Internet access can now be used as a virtual RTI control panel with this new Web interface. Users simply connect to the RTI interface online and easily establish convenient access to their RTI system and connected devices, gaining the ability to monitor and control their systems remotely. With RTI’s virtual panel, tasks such as adjusting thermostats or monitoring security systems can now be performed from anywhere in the world.

More Two-Way Drivers and New Service Offerings

Designed with an open architecture, RTI’s remote controls and in-wall touch screens interface seamlessly with a wider variety of integration products than ever before. Via RTI’s Integration Partners Program, several new two-way drivers will be introduced at ISE 2010. Furthermore, RTI will announce a new dealer custom-button engraving service offering on several of the company’s control solutions, including the RK1-2, RK1-4, RK1-8, RK2, RK-3V, and T1-B.