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Atlantic Debuts Wireless Amplifier System

Atlantic Technology has introduced a 30-watt amplified wireless audio system which can drive a pair of loudspeakers at ranges of up to 300 feet from the transmitter.   The Atlantic Technology WA-5030 Wireless Transmitter/Amplifier System combines a brand new WA-5030-r zone amplifier and wire

Atlantic Technology added a new option for its wireless three-zone audio systems with the shipment of a wireless receiver incorporating built-in 2×30-watt amplifier.

The WA-5030-r wireless-receiver/zone amplifier can be connected to passive speakers to stream music wirelessly from a companion wireless 2.4GHz transmitter, which can be connected to a computer’s USB port or to other audio sources’ RCA analog outputs.

The receiver/amplifier, which also incorporates a digital-to-analog converter (DAC), is part of a $399-suggested WA-5030 powered wireless audio system. The WA-5030 system also includes a wireless transmitter, IR remote to control the receiver/amp’s volume and mute, USB cable, and RCA input cables. Additional WA-5030-r receivers are available separately at $199 each.

The new package joins the company’s first wireless-audio system, introduced in January 2011 with wireless transmitter and wireless receiver. The receiver, which lacks built-in amp, can be connected to legacy audio systems or to powered speakers. That system, called the WA-50 wireless audio system, features a transmitter, receiver, USB cable and RCA input and output cables at a suggested $199. Additional WA-50 receivers are available for $89 each.

The new system’s receiver/amplifier will drive most compact bookshelf or in-wall/ceiling 8-ohm speakers, drive speakers in a commercial or distributed audio system, and drive speakers in bi-amp mode, the company said.

Both wireless systems support up to three stereo zones with a range up to 150 feet within a house and 300 feet in line-of-sight applications. Up to three transmitters and three receivers per transmitter can be used in a home simultaneously. Transmitters and receivers feature a three-position switch that assigns each transmitter and receiver to Zone 1, Zone 2 or Zone 3 use. When a transmitter is connected to the USB port of a PC or Mac, it broadcasts lossless, uncompressed CD-quality digital audio with a 48kHz sampling rate.

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