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ATM’s Cool-Line Linear Ventilation Products

Active Thermal Management (ATM) has launched its Cool-Line linear ventilation products in response to the need for cooling products to fit into ever-narrowing home electronic spaces, such as above or below flat-panel displays. The full, quiet, and “thin” ventilating product line will be on display at the show and is available to ship now. 

“This new product grouping fits a real need in today’s elegant home theater and entertainment installations,” said ATM CEO Frank Federman,. “We have designed the line to be cool, thin, and attractive in these hidden-, partial-, or full-view applications.”

Cool-Line sets are available in metal and various species of unfinished wood. There are also matching grilles, without fans, available in metal and wood to further trim the intake openings. Cool-Line products measure four inches or less in width; lengths vary with models from the 15-inch (single fan) Cool-Line I to the 30-inch (twin fan) Cool-Line II, with other sizes available by special order. Each fan moves 20 CFM in free air.

Powerful, but quiet, cross-flow fans are used in all models. Temperature controlled by remote sensors, the fans begin turning at 85 degrees, speeding up gradually as the temperature increases and slowing as it drops. The Cool-Line products then exhaust the heated air from the enclosures. For extreme cooling situations, active intake models are also available through special order.

Retail pricing for Cool-Line products ranges from $330 to $595, depending upon size and grille material.