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AVAD Adds Universal Devices to Automation Product Lineup

AVAD has added Universal Devices to its extensive lineup of home automation and energy management solutions.

AVAD LLC has added Universal Devices to its extensive lineup of home automation and energy management solutions. Universal Devices is a manufacturer of low-cost, do-it-yourself automation and energy management solutions for both home and commercial use.

Universal Devices 994i/IR PRO works with INSTEON while the ISY994iZw/IR PRO can be paired with both INSTEON and Z-Wave, allowing end users to pair their Universal Devices to the home automation devices of their choice. The 994i/IR PRO standalone automation and energy management solution integrates with a variety of devices and services such as climate, AV equipment, and IoT devices. 

Universal Devices ISY994iZw/IR PRO not only supports INSTEON but also supports an ecosystem of thousands of Z-Wave devices. Both 994i/IR PRO and ISY994iZw/IR PRO are autonomous and self-contained, meaning no connection to cloud services is necessary. They both allow end users to create schedules and event-based programs for their lighting, thermostats, doors, and more. Since security is extremely important, both models are securely accessible from any mobile or desktop browser using TLS, with full support for x509 certificates and certificate authentication. 

The Universal Devices hubs provide solutions to homeowners and business owners looking to automate every facet of their venue and manage their energy in the most convenient ways. AVAD provides ideal pairing essentials for Universal Devices through INSTEON and the Z-Wave compatible devices, such as Kwikset KEVO, with more on the way in upcoming months.

“Universal Devices provides the most affordable, reliable, and convenient solutions for the home or the office,” said Hugh Hughes, director of vendor management and purchasing at AVAD. “Universal Devices adds to AVAD’s lineup of home automation and energy management solutions, and we are excited to continue to grow our lineup with the latest innovation and technology. We are committed to providing our dealers the best products, a large inventory and countless solutions for their diverse needs.”

Universal Devices products are certified for energy management and conservation standards, including OpenADR 2.0a/2.0b and SEP, enabling utility rebates. Building owners benefit from substantial energy saving opportunities through Universal Devices and those in California also comply with the Title 24 building regulations.

“AVAD is an industry-leading provider of solutions to the residential and commercial custom installation markets and a perfect distribution partner for our products and solutions,” said Michel Kohanim, CEO of Universal Devices. “We are honored to partner with AVAD to bring automation, energy management, and IoT to the custom installation market.”